SEAT Ibiza 2017: the 5 keys of the new generation of Spanish tourism

SEAT Ibiza 2017 - 5 claves

The 5 keys of the new SEAT Ibiza 2017. The fifth-generation.

The fifth generation of Spanish tourism for excellence is already here. And although there is still a few months to view the article in the dealers (its release will take place in June), we already know the most important aspects of the new SEAT Ibiza 2017. The iconic model of the Spanish brand that leads to sales more than 30 years of uninterrupted receives a major overhaul with the arrival of this generation.

in Addition to a design that is not exempt from controversy, owing to the close relationship with the other models of SEAT and might even get to be a bit blurred within the range, the SEAT Ibiza 2017 presents itself to us as a model is much more advanced both at the level of the technological as a mechanic and security. There are many new developments that the launch of the small utility of the Spanish brand.

throughout this article we are going to review the five most important keys of the new generation of the SEAT Ibiza to understand fast, clear, and concise, all the changes undergone by the model of SEAT.

SEAT Ibiza 2017

So it looks like the new SEAT Ibiza 2017.

1. Design in relation to the latest releases of SEAT

Although on a whole we do find some features that differentiates it from its “big brother”, just take a look at the front of the new Ibiza for us come to mind both with the new SEAT Leon as the SEAT Ateca. In the design of the fifth generation, the designers of SEAT have taken as influence the details more characteristic of their latest releases.

In comparison with the outgoing model, the SEAT Ibiza 2017 presents an image more sporty, dynamic and urban. The sculpted lines on the hood, the new headlamps with LED technology as well as the grill and front bumper make us feel a sense of “familiarity”. It seems as if the new Ibiza was known for a long time. The lights Full LED are also present in the rear headlights, blinkers and fog lamps rear.

Other interesting elements of the design of the new SEAT Ibiza are the two outputs of exhaust later placed on each side of the rear bumper (finish FR) and that are perfectly integrated next to the diffuser later. Accentuate your side sports.

SEAT Ibiza 2017 - lateral

The SEAT Ibiza 2017 is the first model from the Volkswagen Group to use the MQB platform A0.

2. Premiere of the platform MQB A0

Without a doubt we are facing one of the major developments that presents the new SEAT Ibiza. We talk about the platform MQB A0. With the arrival of the fifth generation model of the SEAT, adopts a new architecture that offers a lot of improvements over the model currently available in dealerships. In addition, it is the first model from the Volkswagen Group to adopt this platform.

The modular platform MQB A0 of the VW Group, offers a greater flexibility of manufacturing and an implementation robust as it allows you to stand on her different body types within a same segment. And while the new Ibiza will be available only with the body of 5 doors, this platform enables you to increase your distance between axes of the pair that reduces their external dimensions.

The factory SEAT in Martorell (where it is manufactured the Ibiza) is already prepared to start producing models on this architecture. It will be the first plant of Volkswagen Group in using this technology.

SEAT Ibiza 2017 - interior

The new Ibiza is more compact and more spacious than its predecessor.

3. More compact than its predecessor, but more spacious

A car designed for the city and long trips. Directly related with what discussed in the previous point, with the new platform, the SEAT Ibiza 2017 is able to reduce its external dimensions to the few that increases the space available in the passenger compartment and trunk.

If we take as the starting point of his predecessor, we see that increases its width to 87mm and reducing its length in 2mm. The track width is increased by 95 mm (front axle) and 48 mm (rear axle). In addition, the wheelbase grows by 95 mm, to exceed 2.5 metres in length. And what about the trunk? Now cubic 355 litres, which translates into an increase of 63 litres. In the following table you can see the changes that are suffering the dimensions more clearly and detallada:

Medidas Cambio
Ancho +87 mm
Long -2 mm
Battle +95 mm
Trunk +63 litres

SEAT Ibiza 2017 - interior

The technological endowment of the SEAT Ibiza 2017 is the most complete that we can find in its segment.

4. The SEAT Ibiza more technological history

connectivity will be one of the strong points in this new generation, addressing the demand of the customers of the brand according to said SEAT during the presentation. To do this, the new SEAT Ibiza 2017 will have Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirror Link to enjoy a totally connected. Another new feature that landed in this new generation is the wireless charger with signal booster GSM. Very useful for telephone conversations while driving without suffering problems for the coverage.

All of these new connectivity features will be controlled through the touch screen of eight inches. This is the first time that the SEAT Ibiza incorporates a touchscreen so large. In addition, to this we add the collaboration signed between the Spanish brand and Beats Audi Sound System.

Depending on the trim level set (will be available in a total of four endings) the endowment will be higher or lower. But in any case, it is undeniable that we are faced with the Ibiza most advanced of the story.

SEAT Ibiza 2017 - posterior

The driving aids will be present in the new Ibiza.

5. New driving aids

finally, and not least important, we have to highlight all the driving aids with which is equipped the new Ibiza. Follows the line of the latest releases of the Spanish brand. Thanks to this, enjoy a more comfortable driving and safe. And some of the systems and technologies incorporated are very practical, as the “Front Assist” or “Traffic Jam Assist and adaptive cruise control “ACC”.

we Also have other interesting systems such as rear view camera and parking sensors front and rear. No parking, very narrow as it is, we will resist.