SEAT Ibiza 2017, the first spy photos that come to light


As it is usual in the SEAT the tests are performed by the night

Since in 2008 we knew the fourth generation of the Ibiza, SEAT has barely changed its design. Yes, it has received the consequent restyling, but it will be the year that comes when you land the fifth generation of this bestseller that last year marked 30 years. For the first time today we have the first spy photos of the SEAT Ibiza 2017.

Has been intercepted with the usual vinyl and tarpaulins, camouflage SEAT. The Spanish brand is very jealous of their privacy and it is really difficult to intercept the mules advanced in development, since most of the tests are carried out at night, away from the prying eyes of photographers and the curious.

But what we have got, even if it is not let see very well, we know that your new design will be in line with the recent work of SEAT. as saith the very own CEO, will be a “design leonizado”. Lines and nerves more marked with a style more aggressive but without losing a shred of your youth that corresponds to the SEAT Ibiza.


The Ibiza will retain the proportions, though its design will evolve

last year, the SEAT Ibiza has already received the well-deserved update technology, the same that in a few months will suffer the Lion, in addition to a light touch-up aesthetic that we’ve already seen. The fifth generation will include such systems, and any enlargement more, with more driving aids and more connectivity for mobile phones.

SEAT does not want the Ibiza to lose their quality of driving and for this reason, mechanically speaking, you will receive a few changes. Keep the same structure of suspensions. The same goes with the motors. Do not expect a revolution in this aspect, and therefore is to use the same blocks now, but will be reviewed to provide a little more power while reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

The release date, as I mentioned, is fixed to the fifth week of the next year. Later, that same year, you will receive a special finish called Ibiza Beats, very similar to the one that already looks like the Volkswagen Polo, his twin brother. Hope to return to catch the Ibiza in more stages of development and with less camouflage, but knowing how is SEAT, it will not be easy.


New drivers rear, very similar to those of his older brother

2017 will be especially moved to the Martorell. Are expected important news. Most of them will be restyling as that of the Ibiza, but also we will discover a new design for the SEAT Alhambra, as well as the arrival of a new SUV. A little brother of the recently-launched SEAT Ateca and by the time we have been able to see at a very early stage of its development.