SEAT Ibiza Cupra 2015: yours, with 192 horses, by 17.400 euros

SEAT has evolved to the SEAT Ibiza Cupra to offer, following the facelift of the suv in Martorell, a perspective more prestacional, more powerful, that has already a price for the Spanish market, what will continue to enjoy a position of economic advantageous among the small GTI?

Currently, in the promotion, the SEAT Ibiza Cupra part from 17.400 euros

With the washing of face SEAT has introduced the switch drive modes “Cupra Drive Profile”.

The new SEAT Ibiza Cupra has a price of 21.400 euros, a price that, with the current rebates it is finally in a tempting 17.400 euros, bearing in mind that this SEAT Ibiza Cupra is only available with the body, 3 doors, based on the SEAT Ibiza SC and with the gearbox 6-speed manual.

With this promotional price the SEAT Ibiza Cupra is positioned even below the latest offers that had the model prior to the restyling front while the competition is also in a favorable position if we take into account that another of the small GTI traditionally, most economic, the Ford Fiesta ST, part 18.025 € with discounts.

What offers us the renewed SEAT Ibiza Cupra?

Such as occurred in your time with the Volkswagen Polo GTI SEAT Ibiza has said goodbye to the thruster 1.4 TSI to give way to a 1.8 TSI more powerful, with 192 horses.

Aesthetically remains unchanged, with its bumper-sports and the diffuser rear with the exhaust outlet central, but in its interior we find ourselves with a new multimedia system with the function MirrorLink and a new steering wheel (among other small changes).