Seat improves the connectivity of their cars with Waze for Android Auto

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The sector of the car without the connectivity it seems that it is not understood for the new generations of drivers. As the technology advances they want for their cars the best systems of infotainment, because they want it to become an extension of your smartphone. The development has led the brands to to include in the dashboard huge touch screens in which, in addition to the browser, you can do more things.

Seat is one of the brands that is betting on this trend and proof of this is his infotainment system Full Link. However, they are also committed to the safety of the driver, and passengers, because they know that using these systems while we are driving is dangerous. Therefore, in the framework of the Automobile Barcelona have submitted a new application that will be available for the Android system Auto.

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Waze, the GPS navigation app owned by Google, comes to the car Seat in order to improve connectivity, facilitate mobility and the driving experience of the driver. According to Luca de Meo “This is for me the great Barcelona, where innovation, progress and development have their maximum expression”. This application will come to the models of the firm equipped with the infotainment system Full Link and will be available in the Automobile Barcelona so that the drivers can test.

As stated Luca de Meo, Seat is to strengthen ever more its position as a ’front runner’ in car connected. Enter the new app Waze on Android Auto in our cars is in line with our purpose of offering an experience ever more easy, connected and personalized, and allows us to continue advancing in the configuration of our digital ecosystem” […] “We are the automotive with a customer base of more young, with a mean age almost 10 years lower than the european average. Offer Waze directly in your car is a big step in our commitment to connectivity”.

in Addition, not only have submitted the application Waze for Android Car, have also taken advantage of the appointment of the city to file other application. Seat Drive App for Android Auto will allow drivers to access information from your mobile phone from the screen of your vehicle while driving, safely and attractively. Will be very soon available in the Google Play Store so that drivers can download and match their phones with the simplicity and peace of mind possible.

the rest of The news Seat for the Automobile Barcelona as we know them, although as a central point will have the official presentation of the new Ateca FR.

Source – Seat

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