SEAT León 2017: the 5 keys of the renewal of the compact of the homeland

Las 5 claves del nuevo SEAT León 2017

we Analyze the 5 keys of the new SEAT León 2017.

Presented just two days ago in the city of Barcelona, is still present the debut of the new SEAT León 2017. The popular compact Spanish makes per day and receives numerous new features. Although at a glance may appear to be a “restyling” lower due to the few changes that are evident in the (aesthetic (we’ll talk about them), the real revolution that offers us the renovated Lion resides in the paragraph technology, and mechanical.

Both on the level of safety as well as entertainment, the SEAT León 2017 get the latest technologies developed by the Volkswagen Group and in the section mechanical compact SEAT is benefiting from the arrival of new engine. Are some of the issues that we must consider in order to understand the true importance of the first major update of the third generation of the Lion.

throughout this article we are going to review the 5 keys of the new SEAT León 2017 to know about what’s most important is that the model of SEAT you will land in dealerships Spanish beginning next year, 2017. Remember that initially it will sell the model with bodywork of five doors and the family ST. Later will come the new Leon SC and X-Perience.

SEAT León 2017

The new SEAT León 2017 with finished FR.

1. Aesthetic renewal without getting older

Following a line of a continuation with hardly any risk, SEAT has only done a few small changes and adjustments in the design of the exterior and interior of the Lion. Despite the fact that we may seem some changes very light, the new SEAT León 2017 enjoys a modern image, elegant and dynamic. On its front you jump to the sight of the new headlights Full LED, a bumper redesigned and a grill set.

on the other hand, in the rear area of the SEAT León we find a few LED lights, a new bumper in line with the front as well as a discreet diffuser that integrates the exhaust outlets. And what about on the inside? There are No radical changes, although the center console features a new design and a higher position.

2. More customization options

Already mentioned earlier, is that it is so, it is a regular of this type of updates, renewals, and, in short, any type of modification in the range of a vehicle. As of today there are more people who require a high degree of customization in order to configure the vehicle they want. Some brands are known to provide almost infinite possibilities to customize to our liking to their vehicles, and SEAT do not want to be less.

SEAT León 2017 - faros

The new headlights that unveils the SEAT León, the detail.

it Is for this reason that, taking advantage of the arrival of the new SEAT León 2017 the Spanish brand has decided to introduce three new colors for the body (a red, another blue and a purple) as well as new wheel designs according to the termination configured (in the case of a finished FR with a glossy black finish and details polished).

3. A model with more advanced technology

We come to another of the great pillars of the renewal of the SEAT Leon. Excluding the developments that make reference to the new wizards and driving aids (as we’ll talk about them in the next point), it is time to speak of the paragraph technology of the new Leon. If we have the chance to give us a tour of the cabin, we will be enveloped by an environment much more modern and “next generation”.

The new touch screen of eight inches will pick up quickly our attention. In it you can enjoy the latest version of the system of information and entertainment SEAT, while it also puts at our disposal a interior more “connected” thanks to the possibility of making use of the system SEAT Full Link, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, the mark confirms that for the first time in the history of this model, we will be able to configure a dashboard fully digital. Something like an “Audi Virtual Cockpit” of the SEAT. By the way, neither do we forget the possibility of equipping a system of wireless charging for smartphones compatible with this technology.

SEAT León 2017 - interior

the interior of The SEAT Leon 2017 provides us with a more technological and “connected”.

4. New wizards and driving aids

Another of the major advances offered by the new SEAT León 2017 is the introduction of a whole series of wizards and driving aids. It was necessary in a
model of its segment and market niche. This is another of the points
strong of this update, and that is that now we will find ourselves with different
systems such as the wizard of jams, adaptive cruise control,
reader traffic signs, signals, or the system of protection to pedestrians.

5. (Mechanical is updated with new engines

finally, we have the (mechanical, where we find other of the main novelties with which we are presented with the new SEAT Leon. And is that, the brand has taken advantage of this set-up to introduce two new engines. One gasoline and the other diesel. In the first case we speak of a engine 1.0-liter TSI engine of 115 HP, while the other block that lands on the range is a engine 1.6-liter TDI 115 HP.

SEAT León 2017 - llantas

The range also receives new colors and wheel designs.

The rest of the mechanical options continues without any changes. Depending on the engine chosen and, according to versions, will be associated to a manual gearbox five or six-speed as well as a DSG dual-clutch six or seven relationships. It is also possible to equip the front-wheel drive or total 4Drive with clutch Haldex the fifth generation.