Seat Leon Cross Sport cancelled: there will not be a production model


One of the new, more eye-catching Seat in the Frankfurt show 2015 was the Seat Leon Cross Sport. Based on the current Seat Leon three-door, this prototype received a customization in the style of ‘crossover’, with greater ground clearance and a specific design in which the bumper and protections outside put the note off-road, without sacrificing sportiness or an urban character.

In this way, the Seat Leon Cross Sport could be represented something like what are the versions ‘Allroad’ in Audi or ‘Scout’ in Skoda, but we’ll have to stay with the desire. According to Autocar, we will not see a Lion Cross Sport as a model of production. The prototype is not manufactured and finally, the decision appears to be firm.


In the words of Angel Lahoz, engineer of the Technical Center of Seat at Martorell, “The Seat Leon Cross Sport could be fabricated tomorrow, but will remain as a prototype”. Certainly his appearance and design, as well as its technology -widely used in other models from the Volkswagen Group – are very close to the production, but this decision is simply strategic.

Angel Lahoz continues by stating that “it Was important for us in the Seat to see if we could combine the practicality of the SUV with the sportiness and performance Cupra. The Seat Leon Cross Sport is proof of that, combining both concepts, and will serve as inspiration for future models”. Although the prototype aroused much interest in Frankfurt, it seems that this will not be enough to shape a new model.

however, not all the news is bad. The Seat Leon Cross Sport itself will serve as direct inspiration for the future SUV of the Spanish brand, although these will be new models in terms of design. The first SUV from Seat will arrive in 2016, with a mid-size, and later we will see another ‘crossover’ smaller cut-more urban.


You may be wondering if this cancellation of the Lion Cross Sport is due to economic cut backs that will arrive at the Volkswagen Group, as a result of the scandal of emissions #DieselGate. We are left with the doubt, even though according to the Coach the decision has had nothing to do with it. The investment strategy of the Seat has not been modified by the time, and in fact there are plans to launch four new models in two years.

Precisely the SUV will be very important for the growth and the future viability of the Seat: the demand of the market requires models as well. We stayed with the song of the Lion Cross Sport will become a kind of reference for the next SUV Seat. In addition, your eye-catching painting ‘Orange Ultra’ will also form part of the range of colors manufacturer’s other models.