SEAT Leon Eurocup 2015, all prepared for the final battle

We are before one of the competitions tightest of the year. The final meeting of the SEAT León Eurocup 2015 will take place this weekend at the Catalan track in Barcelona. Two pilots tied to the event with 72 points each. Among them will play a title that has already awarded its second year of life. A final tight for a competition on the rise.


Two pilots, two runs and a single winner. This is the last race of the SEAT León Eurocup

23 points are for the final, 10 points in each of the two sleeves and three in the classification. The spaniard Pol Rosell, current champion, they will have to do with the which has been his main rival throughout the season, the Norwegian Stian Paulsen, who finished fifth at the last edition of the Leon Eurocup organized by SEAT.

The scenario chosen, coincidences of life, it is the Circuit of Barcelona, home of the Spanish brand. Its convoluted path that we all know, 4.655 metres length, 16 corners, nine right and seven left, you will witness a battle lidiada two manas, one on Saturday and another on Sunday.

In both races will take part the ambassador of the brand, the pilot more successful in the Dakar Rally, Laia Sanz. The Spanish will be at the wheel of a SEAT León Cup Racer racing to try to be measured before the experienced members of the competition, something they already did last year with excellent results.

remember that the Leon Cup Racer part of a SEAT León conventional to which is added a series of improvements and approvals agreed to by the FIA. The transformations give a maximum power of 330 HP extracted from a turbocharged engine of two liters and an automatic gearbox double-clutch DSG and six-speed. This engine souped-up added safety measures such as brakes competition, competition suspension and a roll cage certified.


Stian Paulsen (left) will try to beat the spaniard Pol Rosell (right)

So is the classification after six previous races at Paul Ricard, Estoril, Silverstone, Red Bull Ring, Nürburgring and Monza:

Clasificación Nombre Equipo Puntos
1 Pol Rosell 1 Baporo Motorsport 72
2 Stian Paulsen 34 Stian Paulsen Racing 72
3 Mikel Azcona 6 PCR Sport 55
4 Julien Briché 3 JSB Competition 43
5 Jordi Oriola 33 Target Competition 35
6 Alexander Morgan 22 Baporo Motorsport 36
7 Mario Dablander 61 Target Competition 35
8 Fran Wheel 28 Monlau Competition 34
9 Shane A. Williams 8 Wolf-Power Racing 24
10 Lucile Cypriano 9 JSB Competition 14
11 Mauricio Hernandez 10 Target Competition 16
12 Thibaut Mourgues 5 JSB Competition 14
13 Loris Hezemans 50 Target Competition 13
14 Jonathan Cocker 8 Wolf-Power Racing 11
15 Manuel Gião 2 Baporo Motorsport 6
16 Norbert Kiss 15 B3 Hungary KFT 5
17 Jürgen Schmarl 11 Targer Competition 5
18 David Cebrián 4 Monlau Competition 4
19 Andrina Gugger 24 Target Competition 2
20 Lourenço Beirão Da Veiga 20 Liboro Rancing Team 1