SEAT Leon SC FR Ultimate Edition: an “until then” also available in the form of diesel

SEAT has released a new special edition of the SEAT León, a SEAT Leon SC FR Ultimate Edition which, as you may have guessed, forward, with the tagline that you know to farewell, the arrival of a face wash that, surely, we will find out after the summer. We had seen this version advertised equipped with the petrol engine 1.4 TSI 150 hp, , we talk about it in the article “the New SEAT Leon SC FR Ultimate Edition: well-equipped, with a petrol engine of 150 hp, and for less than 20,000 euros“, but if you’re more of diesel quiet, you’ll also be able to choose a propeller diesel and take advantage of their good endowment of equipment.

Versus 1.4 TSI ACT 150 horses we come now, in this case, with the 2.0 TDI also 150 hp rising its price until the 28.010 euros in front of the 25.730 euro version petrol version, with the promotional discounts, the Plan PIVE, and the discount for financing, with the financial proposal for the brand remains in a few suggestive € 19,000.

What offers us this alternative?

beyond your diesel engine of 150 horses we ran into a equipment in which we are surprised the panoramic roof practicable, the headlights to Full Led and the parking sensors front and rear with the addition of other elements to more conventional as the climate control bizona, alloy wheels, mirrors with power-folding, or the multimedia system with touch screen.

Is it a good deal?
SEAT has not mentioned the possible discounts that you might have this version, accepting all the promotions available but for now and until the new SEAT León 2017 is the only way to make ourselves with a SEAT Leon SC new. Is not available with other finishes, and beyond this the engine is only the above-mentioned 1.4 TSI of 150 hp.