SEAT looking for a name for their upcoming SUV #SEATbuscaNombre

SEAT SUV #SEATbuscaNombre SEAT prepares a SUV B-segment is not any novelty, the next SEAT Arona, which will be launched at the end of the year in our country, is the little brother of the SEAT Ateca and is similar to the next SUV of the same segment that Volkswagen should present, at the very latest, next year.

Now the brand in Martorell want to give the range a SUV large dimensions, which is able to accommodate seven occupants in its interior. This upcoming SUV will share the modular platform MQB A2 that the Volkswagen Group used for the Skoda Kodiaq and the Tiguan.

SEAT SUV #SEATbuscaNombre

“The next SUV will be designed in Barcelona and manufactured in Germany.” stated Luca de Meo, CEO of SEAT, unlike its little brother, the Arona, which will be manufactured in the plant of Martorell.

The next SUV of the Spanish firm, which will arrive in mid-2018, sports a silhouette similar to that of its distant cousin, the Skoda Kodiaq, as you could see in the images the brand showcased during the press conference annual SEAT offered in march.

SEAT SUV #SEATbuscaNombreAs you can see, the front is very similar to the Skoda Kodiaq, with a countenance rugged. The rear, by contrast, is quite influenced by the SEAT Ateca, with headlights large as those that can be found in the compact SUV of the Spanish brand.

“to Produce the new SUV in Wolfsburg, in the heart of the Volkswagen Group, will strengthen the ties between SEAT and Volkswagen.” said Meo.

The competition about choosing a name for the new SUV from SEAT opened up yesterday, and anyone will be able to register your own request on the website of the brand. Although there are already two names that sounded long as they are Formentor and Majorca, which would have been registered by SEAT.