Seat Marbella is The first electric Spanish?


According to a publication Romanian the SEAT Marbella will return to dealers in the form of a mini-SUV with a variant electrical

The offensive SUV SEAT looks like it’s going faster than we expect. The SEAT Ateca it premiered as the first vehicle of this class from the Spanish manufacturer, after this you will continue to another model of smaller size based on the SEAT Ibiza that has already been confirmed by the brand itself. However, from Romania, information about a third member that will return the name of a model emblematic.

According To SEAT Marbella will return to conquer the streets of spain, and of the whole world if you follow the process of globalization of their brothers, but the urban Spanish will do so in a exceptional way in the form of a mini-SUV of the segment and with the ability to choose a mechanical 100% power. What will become directly at the first SEAT electric.

The first SEAT, electric

The basis of this new model would not be other than the trio formed by the Volskwagen Up!, Seat Mii and Skoda Citigo. Resulting in a small utility four-seater high body and extra precaution to give an air campero, something like a Fiat Panda Trekking current. Interestingly, the SEAT Marbella original had descended out of the Fiat Panda.


The SEAT Ateca will soon not be the only SUV of the Spanish brand

with Respect to the mechanical, the mini-SUV SEAT equip small three-cylinder engines as have been doing the three youngest of VW, SEAT and SKODA. In regards to the electric version, the logic makes us think of a transplantation of the propellant that is currently mounted on the Volkswagen e-Up! although already evolved when it goes on sale.

If we take as a reference to the utility electric German, it is noted that equipped with an engine 82 HP and 210 Nm maximum torque that can travel up to 160 km without any emissions on a single charge of its batteries. The information handled by the source indicates that the SEAT Marbella electric would reach the 200 km of autonomy and its mechanics will be revised continuously.

This information comes to us from Romania there is that to pick up with tweezers. The source speaks of documents that it had access confidential but this does not mean it’s going to result in a new model for the global market. Internally the car manufacturers perform countless feasibility projects that the vast majority of them are left by the wayside while others can be prolonged indefinitely, remember the time that we were waiting for the SEAT Ateca.