Seat might have on their models instrumentation digital next year

Instrumentación Digital Seat

evolution that has suffered the electronics in the automotive sector is bestial. I still remember when I broke the throttle cable of an old Renault 9 and I was able to get to my destination with a simple rope. That today is unthinkable because it there is not a single car that is sold that do not mount as electronic throttle. As this example I can put thousands but the one that most attracts the attention is the of the boxes of instruments to completely digital.

When I was little I loved to go down the street looking at the watches, analog models, because that way I could figure out what was your maximum speed (for marker) or as sports were their spellings. However, with the advent of electronic and digital screens that will be a chimera in a matter of a few years. One of the groups car more they are betting (in addition to others) to integrate in their cars digital pictures is the German Volkswagen.

SEAT León 2017

Audi and the own Volkswagen (as mark) already mounted on many of their models. This is obviously not an item that comes standard on the versions of the most basic of these vehicles, but yes that can be mounted on the over-furnished at a price “reasonable”. today, neither Seat nor Skoda, the two brands commoner of the group can mount this bauble technological, but things could change in a matter of a year and a bit.

As rumored by the collective of the network, Seat incorporated the next year its compact Leon a box of instruments digital. This information is somewhat contradictory, as the firm warned that it would be the Ibiza in the versions equipped who was about to premiere. Even so, the important thing we already know and that is that the Spanish firm will no longer be seduced by a color display instead of keeping the traditional watches for their boxes.

of Course this substitution will not be total, since neither Audi nor Volkswagen have taken place. boxes, analog will continue to exist in the brands of the Volkswagen Group, although the evolution is finished by finish with the pictures from analog. For now we do not have details of how to be the adaptation to the Spanish of the Audi/Volkswagen Virtual/Digital Cockpit, but beyond the changes in spellings and structure will continue with a performance very similar to that of their major brands.

By now there is not more information, but is sure to Seat will not be long in releasing a press release with the explanation. In the meantime, we will begin to cry for the pictures analog for Seat and the Volkswagen Group are not the first nor last who will opt for this technology.

Seat Leon
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