SEAT: mírale good in the eyes, this is the new SUV SEAT

Nerve expectation? Rather the second. The Geneva opens next Tuesday and some will touch us stand guard until then to deal with the flood of news that is coming and keep you informed. Of all these developments will be a really important, will be in the booth SEAT , and it looks like it will be an accurate preview of his expected SUV . And we’ll be there to tell thee us …

Confirmed: the new SUV from SEAT will occur in Kvasiny (Czech Republic) with his counterpart Skoda .

A cryptic teaser , as usual, we anticipate your design bulging hood, mirrors its narrow, his steps generous wheel and headlights LED Futurists, a detail reminding us that would still be before a prototype , but at least allows us to retain the hope that their design is really close to final product we will see in showrooms soon.

In a time when SUV dominate the lists of the best sellers in Europe, especially in Spain, that SEAT hurl a model with these features was, at least one very wise decision . A year ago it was confirmed that this new model will not occur in Spain, that SEAT relying on the Volkswagen Group in Kvasiny (Czech Republic). Also this SUV come out of the same production lines as its counterpart Skoda.

You know, be very attentive to Diariomotor, looming a long and intense in terms of product innovations week.

Source: SEAT
In Diariomotor: The new SUV from SEAT and Skoda already manufactures: occurs in Kvasiny (Czech Republic)

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