SEAT presented at the Paris Salon its strategy for the future

Seat en el Salón de París 2016 Paris motor show has been the ideal showcase for brands disclosure their plans for the future and strategies to be followed in the face of movements that will suffer the market. One of the brands that has presented these plans has been the Spanish SEAT. Your president Luca De Meo has made the presentation of the programmes to be undertaken by the firm for the year 2017.

The firm has distributed these plans, in three lines of work that will be developed during the next twelve months. The brand to cope with the changes that will suffer the automotive world will focus its strategy on a new concept of mobility based on a profound technological evolution. These pillars are fundamental and to do this, the firm has created a new team of technicians that will be the focus in designing and developing the mobility of the future.

Seat Ateca X-Perience first axis of work on that is working with the Spanish firm focuses on the next models that will hit the market. Among them the main is the fifth generation of the urban super sales of the signature, the Ibiza. In addition to the other new member of the brand, the small SUV derivative of this, that is to say the new SEAT Arona. To finish at the shows in paris had the SEAT Ateca X-Perience as a sample of what is capable of doing the signature.

second shaft focuses on the investigation of the mobility of the future. To do this it has created a new new team. It is working in the digitization and research of new systems of mobility. This will help the brand to establish a new relationship between cars and customers in order to improve the driving environment. In addition these systems will allow drivers to stay connected even with your work.

To finish, in the the third axis of action, the brand will focus on the new ways to sell. With them what you are looking for is to create a special relationship between the brand, the client and the models. To do this they will begin to use the virtual reality in their official dealer so that customers can design the car to suit your desires. In addition also use new methods of sales as the set with the giant Amazon to sell the Mii by Mango.

To end we must name another important initiative undertaken by the brand. This has been the creation in Barcelona of the center for studies and research urban call Card. This center has been developed for analysis of the urban reality in order to focus on the needs of the people in terms of mobility, and therefore be able to to provide the answers appropriate to the brand.

Source – Paris Salon

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