SEAT priorities will not be hybrid or electric until at least 2020

In an interview with AutoExpress, the CEO from SEAT – the German Jürgen Stackmann – has some brushstrokes about future SEAT medium term . For the first time in many years, SEAT can get a positive and sustainable profitability, with a complete and powerful range of products, which will be enhanced by a new SUV in less than a year , as you have anticipated. But which it does not arise SEAT is launching hybrid or electric until at least 2020. Why? [1.99902 million]

A sports remains the ultimate priority SEAT unfortunately.

Stackmann’s words are clear: “ SEAT has a claim almost no electric cars or hybrids for now “. Launching hybrid and electric cars, prototypes will be no signs of immediate commercial launch. Forces SEAT focus on efficiency, but from a very different point of view. Instead of using hybrid as those used by the Volkswagen Golf GTE or the Audi A3 e-tron platforms SEAT opt for the use of small displacement engines and lower fuel consumption .

seat-mii-prueba-motor-21-mdm A very low-cost approach to efficiency, which presumably will be shared with Skoda, as “secondary” brands within the Volkswagen Group. This low-cost approach is based on the maximum exploitation of the new generation of engines TSI three cylinders. The new 1.0 TSI is now available in most of the range SEAT . It is a 1.0 TSI develops 95 hp from only one liter . Effectively replaces the 1.2 TSI in versions of 86 hp and 102 hp. Its consumption is very content and emits less than 100 g / km of CO 2 [1.99906 million]. [1.99902 million]
The next SUV from SEAT will be shared with Skoda, and employ a platform MQB .

will also launch a version 1.0 TGI This engine, fueled with compressed natural gas . These thrusters have energy recovery systems and micro-hybrid solutions – such as Stop & Start – but will not be annealed for now. Either way, Stackmann says through SEAT also will come when electrified . And it will be when the EU ordered the new guidelines and limits emissions of carbon dioxide. Stackmann says the same for all manufacturers happen to them.

seat-mii-prueba-motor-45-mdm So far, SEAT focuses on a new SUV medium, small displacement turbocharged engines and think only half square in electricity.

Source: AutoExpress

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