SEAT recovers the jobs lost and beat its production record

SEAT fábrica MartorellSEAT you are in luck. The Spanish brand, with the capital of the German is beating in recent years. When the economic crisis swept across the country, SEAT decided to go for expand its range of products, perform adjustment measures in its production structure and wait for the sun to shine, as he has done. These measures have resulted in the back to black, a sales growth never before known in the firm and as no, to the the recovery of its productive structure.

The factory SEAT has in Martorell is one of the most modern in Europe and it occurs even the whole way Audi Q3. Such is the importance that Martorell has to SEAT, the brand is starting to implement in their facilities the call vocational training dual, so that the young people who so wish can form in different specialities related to the production and at the same time can make the practices in their facilities.

Fábrica Seat MartorellThe Spanish brand has announced that last year manufactured a total of 477.077 units, being a 22.1 per cent more of what we made in the year 2014; it also represents a 55 percent growth compared to 2009. This situation has been possible thanks to the different plans PIVE and improve the consumption, both private and companies. Thanks to this, the recovery of the sector has been possible, and has allowed the group’s subsidiary Wolkwagen improve its numbers year to year.

in Addition to employment has been another major benefit of this increased production. Thanks to the improvement of the consumption, the manufacturing of cars has in need of manpower to cover the demand, making the employment has recovered to pre-crisis levels. SEAT have closed 2015 with a total of 12.753 workers, a figure that was reached in 2005. However, and although recruitment has not ceased, is still far from the 15,000 workers that the firm had in the year 2000.

With all we would like to congratulate SEAT, the Volkswagen Group by relying on it and the Spanish market (main market of the firm) keep buying their products and for allowing the SEAT is where it is located.

Congratulations SEAT!

Source – SEAT

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