SEAT starts to sell cars through Amazon

SEAT Mii by MANGO Limited Edition

The SEAT Mii by MANGO Limited Edition is already on sale through the website of French Amazon.

The debate over whether sooner or later will come the longed-for time in which one can buy from the comfort of your sofa house a car over the internet and receive it on the door of his home as if an order of books or food concerned is the order of the day. There are few brands that put in place pioneering initiatives for to sell some of their cars over the internet. And the last one to jump on the bandwagon has been SEAT.

Thanks to an agreement signed with the French subsidiary of the internet giant Amazon has put the sale through this portal, the SEAT Mii by MANGO. With the launch of the campaign “#DeliveryToEnjoy“, we are faced with an initiative of the SEAT to move closer to the generation of “millennial” from France, your little urbanite in the aforementioned limited edition. However, this campaign has certain limitations that we must know.

SEAT only sold 15 units of the Mii by MANGO via Amazon France. It is clear that from the beginning they did not expect to be able to draw on a stock of units is very high. Customers wanting to get one of the units that will be available should you make a deposit of 500 euros, and will subsequently be contacted by a representative of the brand in order to check the validity of your driver’s license and handle the payment of the 10.490 euros remaining.

SEAT Mii by MANGO Limited Edition a la venta en Amazon

The Mii will be the first model that SEAT sell through Amazon.

once you have completed all of the paperwork associated with the purchase of a small vehicle SEAT, the car will be delivered to the address of the buyer within a period of 72 hours. The collaboration of SEAT, and Amazon France has put in place based on the 94% of new car buyers begin the buying process by searching for information through the network.

In terms of the SEAT Mii by MANGO, let us remember that it is a limited edition introduced by the brand over a year ago. It has been designed in collaboration with the Spanish brand of fashion HANDLE and has small aesthetic details both exterior and interior, and an equipment based on the ending “Style”. An edition that is aimed specifically at the female audience.

We assume that after the end of this campaign, both SEAT
as Amazon will analyze the results to see if it really has been a positive
or not making the sale of the little SEAT Mii through
the internet portal. How will we get to see a future in which cars will be sold exclusively through the internet? What will co-exist “shops on-line” car dealers classic? Are questions to which only time will answer.