SEAT Tecta, could this be the name of the new SUV from SEAT

SEAT 20V20we Know that SEAT will launch a new SUV this same year, a new SUV, a SUV that should be a reality already in the Hall of Geneva. Missing know many details, among them the name. It is now when there is an information that leaves us something patidifusos. It seems that the new SUV of the Spanish brand could be called a SEAT, Tecta.

Has logic, in principle, to be a name that evokes solidity and a certain participation in the earth. We can’t even get an idea of the study behind the choice of the name of a car. But what is certain is that in Spain is likely to see something rare. Is it possible that we are before an appellation for other markets?

SEAT 20V20Little we can know when this comes from Autobild Germany, which has spread the name of the new SUV from SEAT, could be that of Tecta. In Spain, for the language, what is certain is that could to create confusion, bringing this name to the land of mockery. It would not be the first to see in Spanish-language markets the chosen name can have a multitude of variations and interpretations.

But the most shocking thing is that, once again, SEAT will not participate in the choice of a name of a Spanish city for your new model. Once more. It has already happened in the past, but it is a tradition now lost that we waited with enthusiasm for, probably, the launch the more important of the brand in the last few years.

there are Still to wait and take this information with tweezers, because it is not proven, and there is no official confirmation on the part of the brand. It will be in the Geneva, with all certainty, when we know him, a compact SUV based on the Lion that it should take many key stylistic prototype 20V20. Its arrival to the market should be made in the coming months.

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