SEAT temporarily suspends the version 2.0 TDi 150 hp 4×2, Ateca

SEAT Ateca vista frontalNormally when a manufacturer cast a product to market and their initial production is based on forecast and estimates extracted from market studies. However, even with these data in hand can happen three things. The first would be that the forecasts are upper to the actual demand and therefore it is necessary to adjust it to foot plant. The second, and little common, that the estimates and the actual demand is fit as ring to the finger. And the third and, lately, very common in the SUV segment, which the real demand is very superior to the estimated.

This third situation is that it seems that suffers SEAT since he announced the arrival on the market of its new compact SUV. The SEAT Ateca has been a real turning point for the Spanish firm both at the level of sales of engineering. And with engineering I mean that it seems to be on the factory Martorell do not seem to cope with the manufacture of this new model.

SEAT Ateca vista traseraSuch is the case, according to several media informational, SEAT has suspended temporlamente the sale of the version 2.0 TDi 150 hp and traction to the front axle. In principle, this was one of the versions that best output commercial was going to have, however it seems that the have had to postpone for other more important. Today SEAT has not released any official statement confirming or denying the situation, although it has been reported that customers who had made a firm order of this version of the will receive in the agreed period.

This situation leads us to two assumptions.

  1. To level industrial when a product suffers from excess demand the planning of your production is reviewed and priority is given to the versions with more demand. Once you have reviewed and established the priority interspersed the versions with lower demand but with sufficient volume to justify their insertion; in this way there occurs bottleneck and does not increase the waiting lists considerably.
  2. second option that has been raised is a problem with the approval consumption and emissions of this version as the version 4×2 equipped with a particle filter and the 4×4 system SRC. This situation could, however it does not seem likely, as that before launching a product to the market, the approvals must have passed by industry, but their fabrication is not allowed.

therefore, we believe that SEAT is simply adjusting your production to the real needs of the market, and while what you get is winning a little bit of time, that never comes bad.