SEAT the front: these are the 10 top-selling cars so far 2016

The automobile market in has sentenced the first quarter of 2016, with the a growth of 6.9%, accumulating to a total of 285.495 units sold in these first three months of the year, now, what are the most cars sold in this first quarter? These are the 10 cars sold during the first months of the year:

The SEAT León and the SEAT Ibiza to the head of the most sold in a “top ten” dominated by compact and utility

The ranking of the top-selling cars in Spain during these first three months is heading for the SEAT Leon, completing the podium the SEAT Ibiza and the Volkswagen Polo. The total classification of the 10 cars most sold in Spain during the first quarter is conformed of the following way:

SEAT Leon – 9748 units
SEAT Ibiza – 8145 units
Volkswagen Polo – 6994 units
Opel Corsa – 6801 units
Volkswagen Golf – 6358 units
Peugeot 308 – 6344 units
Nissan Qashqai – 5695 units
Peugeot 208 – 5587 units
Dacia Sandero – 5339 units
Opel Astra – 5240 units

(Data according to ANIACAM)

Are left at the doors of this classification the Toyota Auris, Renault Clio and interestingly a Opel Mokka that, even being in a cycle prior to a face wash (Opel Mokka X 2016: the SUV of Opel evolves and we tell you all about it), has not been so far in sales of the Renault Clio as we might expect.


How to share these sales?

According to the Spanish Association of car and Truck Manufacturers, ANFAC, the total 285.495 units would be dealt in, 139.441 units sold to individuals, 70.564 units aimed to alquiladoras and 75.490 units aimed at businesses.

Taking these figures present we find that the canal company has been the largest growth, with an 18.8% compared with growth of 5.8% of the alquiladoras and the 1.9% growth between individuals.