SEAT, where did you come from and where are you going? The plans behind the 20V20 SEAT Concept

As in politics, staging a press conference sometimes says more than words. Was the case of how it was presented in Geneva SEAT 20V20 . They started with a video in which the origins of was repassed SEAT Spanish trade mark and adherence to Volkswagen Group, up to the current line: fresh, sporty appearance and focused young audiences. And besides, fully connected thanks to the agreement SEAT and Samsung.

The SEAT 20V20 represents the vision of SEAT for the coming years, but no changes from the current.

SEAT speaks literally “LEONizar brand” for the good results that gave them diversify versions of León.

It was time to show SEAT 20V20 Concept with V representing the word vision over the next five years. He did Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, we interviewed in Geneva two years ago.

What is paradoxical is that in explaining the line of SEAT 20V20 Concept, explained the same line design SEAT Leon SC two years ago. It is normal for a brand use the same design language now than two years ago but what will be the same in the next five? On the positive side is true that SUV based on the Lion will open at SEAT capacity sales in the fastest growing segment in Europe, and possibly new versions of this crossover appear .

not believe that until 2020 the only plan SEAT is a compact crossover. We are sure that this is your plan for 2016 but much remains to be announced.

But is it going to turn SEAT into a brand with the same design for eight consecutive years? In this regard we must give a vote of confidence, and we will rename the 20V20 concept by SEAT 20V16 Concept . In five years sure are a lot of range to evolve. And if not, at the time.


In Diariomotor: SEAT 20V20 Concept, the future of SEAT is a passionate SUV and is in the Geneva

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