SEAT will be expedientada by Industry for the case Dieselgate

SEAT fábrica MartorellEvery day that passes SEAT it seems that it will complicate things. When the scandal broke in the emissions of diesel engines EA189 of the Volkswagen Group was the worst stop out in Spain. This is logical since their main market is the skin of a bull and therefore the chances were greater. In addition, during these days she has swallowed the commercial launch of its new compact SUV, the Ateca.

If that seemed to little the Spanish brand is in the midst of a problem with the version 2.0 TDi 150 hp and traction 4×2, Ateca. Yesterday spotted that the delays encountered in the manufacture of this version is due to the fact that motorization would have problems with the approval of their emissions, and would stop at the Ministry of Industry. Therefore, this ministry would have decided to take actions legal against the SEAT by the Dieselgate.

SEAT AtecaWhen it has already been fulfilled first anniversary Dieselgate from the Spanish Industry Ministry, comes the following news. According to the ministry have initiated the appropriate action to to initiate sanctioning proceedings SEAT by the fraud of the engines EA189. This measure is included in the Law of Industry (21/1992) and allows you to punish the companies with headquarters in Spain for procedures irregular.

SEAT will be the single brand belonging to Volkswagen Group that will be sanctioned in Spain. The reason is simple and is summed up in the law regulating the disciplinary procedure. May only be sanctioned companies that have headquarters and legal basis in Spain, and SEAT is the only brand of the group that meets these legal requirements.

According to the brand, in the face of this process, sanctions have already brought the allegations relevant, although there are still no data clear on how the sanctioning procedure. Moreover, the brand has already informed that collaborate with the authorities and the Ministry to fix the problem of the form satisfactory for all the parties.

Source – Ministry of Industry