Seat will be replaced by the Alhambra by an SUV 7-seater in 2019


Seat 20V20 concept of 2015.

Have been the words of the own Alejandro Mesonero, head of design of SEAT, which have confirmed that the Alhambra MPV has the days counted. In the market since 1996, its latest iteration is already 6 years, although last year 2015 received the last refresh.

According to the words of Alejandro Mesonero to the british publication Auto Express, SEAT you will have a substitute 7-seater for the Alhambra, but however, it will not have body minivan as until now, since the current trend in the market is the crossover.

“we don’t want that body style anymore, what will replace it , but not with the design of the minivan that we have now. SEAT will launch a seven-seater, but that is not desirable now… everyone is buying SUVs right now.” Alejandro Mesonero in words to Auto Express.

not that we should expect the obvious version of SEAT of the Skoda Kodiaq, that would be the logical step given the history of the brands of the VAG Group, since it according to Auto Express, the words of the Innkeeper point to a model that will be slightly lower than the SUV 7-seater Skoda, which would provide a distribution of 5 + 2 seating, naming the publication, as an example in the Land Rover Discovery Sport.


the successor to The Alhambra will be based on the Seat 20V20 concept of 2015.

so we can expect a new variant that is sure to share elements of both with the Ateca as the Kodiaq, although with a style clearly differentiated and with details own of Ateca and the rest of the range SEAT.

Currently, the Alhambra shows strong sales figures at the global level, with about 27,000 units sold last year 2015, a 17 per cent more than in 2014. However, it is evident that the seniority of the model will sooner or later become a burden, especially with the proliferation of the offer of the SUV, the largest growing segment in recent years, and where there is already a good deal of models of 7 seater.

The arrival of this new SUV 7-seater it would not be until the end of 2018, and so says the british publication would be based on the 20V20 concept that the Spanish brand presented at the Geneva motor show 2015.

The prototype, of a size slightly higher than the current Ateca, had only 4 seats, so that we understand that he would get a strong redesign to adapt it to the future production version, and that would be the same design language of the current crossover of the brand.