SEAT will release 4 new models in the next two years (and if bets are SUV, probably win)

They get important news from Martorell. J├╝rgen Stackman, Chairman of the Executive Committee of SEAT has gone to the factory SEAT , together with the Prime Minister, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its Technical Centre and announce that between 2015 and 2019 the brand will allocate 3,300 million to equipment, facilities and R & D in our country. We speak of a really substantial investment, which will result, among other things, the launch of four new models we see in dealerships in the next two years . What can we wait for? Four models What is it?

SEAT launch a SUV compact next year, but his production will be held in Czech Republic.

1) A SUV compact . SEAT late to this party, but as the saying goes “never be late if that is good.” In this case, this is a SUV compact, the fashion segment. The launch of a new SUV compact was already confirmed for 2016. And very likely become one of the most important models for the Spanish brand, especially if we look at the sales figures of such vehicles in Europe, which are not likely to decline in the coming years, but quite the opposite.

In addition to this SEAT , Skoda will launch its corresponding SUV . And that’s probably where we are with other relevant information. The production of this SUV will take place in the factories of Skoda in the Czech Republic.

SEAT Ibiza

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2) SEAT Ibiza you will receive a generational shift. Although the pace of sales nobody would say, the SEAT Ibiza, whose range has been updated this year (see SEAT Ibiza 2015), is a veteran, and the current generation dates back to 2008. With that looming generational, do not the slightest doubt that one of the four models confirmed today SEAT for the coming years will be the Ibiza.


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20V20 SEAT Concept, the future of SEAT is a passionate and SUV’s in the Geneva

3 and 4) Two others SUV . Although SEAT has not wanted to anticipate which two models are developing beyond the Ibiza and the new SUV compact, it does not take a whiz to figure out who will be two SUV . SEAT has completed its new range SUV three models, a smaller and character crossover and urban, which points in the Juke and Captur line; and other over who bet on the line of the great SUV . Small crossover succeed, increasingly, for its commitment contained and success of aesthetics SUV . Large SUV enjoy much more discreet sales, but they are definitely a good showcase for a brand like SEAT , which also leave significant margins.

In case you were wondering, the SEAT 20V20 Concept presented at the Geneva Motor Show, the same illustrating this article, will not, as such, one of the SUV that We see in showrooms in the next two years. But one of us has the solutions used in this prototype, and many aesthetic features, define this new range SUV you’ll see in showrooms in the next two years.

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20V20 SEAT Concept, the future of SEAT is a passionate and SUV’s in the Geneva

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Made in Spain? No, the SUV will be manufactured by SEAT and Skoda arrive next year

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