Sebastian Vettel faces Ferrari 488 GTB… you will be Driving a ambulance!

Shell invites Sebastian Vettel to change your sport for an ambulance. The pilot of the Scuderia Ferrari F1 accept the challenge of the oil company in its latest promotional video where the four-time champion of F1 changes its position with a driver of vehicles for health services. In a fight against the stopwatch Who will win?


The “swap” between drivers implies that Vettel will be at the wheel of an ambulance almost three tons and 118 HP whose maximum speed is 169 km/h. On the other hand Alex, ambulance driver by profession, competes at the controls of the Ferrari 488 GTB Vettel who rides a powerful V8 engine that provides 670 HP and can reach 330 km/h maximum.

machines are important to achieve a good time on the stopwatch but just as important are the hands and the experience that the handle. The drivers are well different since Vettel has achieved up until now 42 wins in his career in F1, while Alex has responded to more than to 1,350 emergency calls. The sure result that will surprise you.


After a bit of shooting with their respective vehicles to get a bit more to them, the Ferrari 488 GTB is able to establish a time of 2:17 in the field of testing of Bruntingthorpe, United Kingdom, while the ambulance ends with a spectacular figure of 2:10. Poor Vettel suffers in the line seeing as your vehicle is not able to gain speed as much as he would like, still manages to win this fun challenge.