Sebastian Vettel: “The car is a step forward, it is fantastic to ride”


Ferrari put the baton on to the presentation of your SF70-H with
celebration of a ‘filming day’ on the test track of Fiorano

Kimi Räikkönen in the first term, and Sebastian Vettel in second instance
they were able to test the new car of the Italian team After getting off the car,
both the Finnish and the German have valued their first sensations in the

Sebastian Vettel was in charge of driving the car in the afternoon in Fiorano last by water. The four-time champion German was satisfied with the behavior of your car in this first appetizer: it can Be seen and note that this is a step forward, it is fantastic to ride. Obviously, the car is quite large and seems very strong from the outside, but also the first impression is the appropriate. The conditions have not been such as to be in Australia, but today we have not had any problems, so that has been a good day and a good start”


After getting off the SF70-H in the morning, and despite the fact that, according to the local press, managed to lower the minutes on his best lap, Kimi Räikkönen was quite cautious
the time to talk about the new car: “Obviously we’re not going at full speed,
it’s almost like the back of installation absolute. In the first round with the
new car, everything felt good. Is only the first contact with the car and not
we will have feelings that are more real that we shot in Barcelona. But until
now everything has gone well and that is important. There are some changes in the driving behaviour with respect to 2016, but everything is pretty much the same. Even so we’re never going to top in a test like today”

Antonio Giovinazzi also gave, in which he has been his first great experience as the pilot of Ferrari. The Italian, who has been confirmed by Sauber as a replacement for Pascal Wehrlein during the first week of testing in Barcelona, has commented that “es very exciting to be part of this team and of this presentation. to Be there with two world champions and the best team in the world, that he had always seen it on tv, it has certainly been a great experience for me. Now that the car is amazing, I hope it’s really fast. We will wait for the first test and the first race to see where we are”