Sebastian Vettel was the godfather of the grand presentation of the Ferrari Portofino


Giancarlo Fisichella next to the Portofino.

Sebastian Vettel and Giancarlo Fisichella were two of the guests of the exception of the official presentation of the new Ferrari Portofino, held these days in the town from which it takes name of the new Italian model, in a series of spectacular events that lasted two days and included an impressive floating stage.

The event was personally attended by the CEO of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne, which was accompanied by personalities such as Piero Ferrari, vice-president of the brand, and Maurizio Arrivabene, director and head of the Scuderia.

After a show of lights and sound, the new Ferrari Portofino was revealed on the stage, although later she was able to be seen up close thanks to the brand ordered some copies to the scope of the various wizards in the cocktails scheduled during the days of the event, so that the new Portofino was left to see in other colors to that uses the drive of official photos, which premieres the new shade of red Rosso Portofino.


The Portofino on the stage.

The new Portofino is the natural successor to the Ferrari California T and as this uses a V8 front twin-turbo, which in the case of the new model delivers 600 HP and 759 Nm of torque. The new 2+2 convertible Italian can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds and is capable of reaching a maximum speed of around 320 km/h. In spite of this new performance, Ferrari promises a consumption slightly lower than that of his successor.

What is for sure is that the new Portofino separates drastically from their predecessors, California and California T, with an aesthetic perhaps something less personal, but more daring and aggressive, away from the image of a Great Tourism paseo de la saga California, and coming closer to the rest of the models in the range, such as the 812 Superfast, with which it is evident that it shares design language.

In the interior we find again with elements already seen in other models of the brand, as the display help in the form of rectangular in front of the passenger seat in which are shown various parameters of the board instruments. The configuration remains strict 2+2, but the sidewalks in the rear aprecen something less narrow than those available to their successors.