Sebastian Vettel win the Nations Cup without Wehrlein


Sebastian Vettel has scored his seventh victory in the Nations Cup of the Race of Champions, first without the company of Michael Schumacher, after beating in the final the team USE Nascar. The pilot of Ferrari, has not been able to count on the support of Pascal Weherlein following the heavy accident suffered by the pilot of Formula 1 on the first day of competition, has managed to defend the interests of Germany in solo to clinch the win. The brothers Kyle and Kurt Busch have not been able to curb the momentum of the pilot of Heppenheim despite competing in front of his fans in Miami.

The Group, only had four teams and have made all the formations in north america, has left interesting duels, as the canadian Stefan Rzadzinski has managed to surprise in a couple of rounds to Alexander Rossi and Scott Speed. Two wins away from rank in Canada (Rzadzinski – Hinchcliffe), has subtracted the points as necessary to the Team USA Rally X to certify to the passage of Team USA Nascar, formed by the brothers Busch and of Team USA’s IndyCar, in which it competed with Ryan Hunter-Reay and the own Rossi. All in all, Kyle and Kurt Busch saldaban their way through the group with six wins.

Sebastian Vettel was the master of the Group B after winning the four races. With the Radical SR3 RXS managed to beat Jenson Button and Tom Kristensen, while doing the same with the KTM X-Bow in their duels with David Coulthard and Petter Solberg. The pilot of Ferrari so achieved your semi-finals, leaving in the lurch the always strong Team Nordic and the british team, who defended the title in the Nations Cup, the entire time that Jason Plato and Andy Priaulx won in 2015 under the colors of the union jack flag before his audience in London.


a Lot more excitement had for his part in the resolution of the Group C,
the whole time the three teams present managed two victories. Helium
Castroneves added two victories for the Team South america formed by the
brazilian and argentine Gabriel Gusman. Juan Pablo Montoya
also signed two wins for Colombia, while Felipe Massa
did the same for the brazilian team. The times of each sleeve
decided and finally, the fourth semi-finalist was the Team Colombia
. John
Pablo Montoya put continuity to your victory in the individual competition along with a Gaby Chaves that did not sign any win.

the first semi-final, Sebastian Vettel did not give options to the Team
. The German rider beat Juan Pablo Montoya at the controls
the Ariel Atom Cup after a bad start of the pilot of IndyCar, while
that also got the victory at the controls of the ROC Car in front of Gaby
Chaves. For his part, the second semi-final was decided in three sets,
the whole time that Alexander Rossi equaled the triumph of Kurt Busch. In the
duel decisive, Team USA Nascar got the pass to the final with the
Kurt Busch becoming stronger to Rossi at the controls of the ROC Car

brooch of gold to the performance of Vettel came at the end
, that of
new was resolved by a score of 2-0. Showing a great
superiority, Sebastian Vettel surpassed Kurt Busch at the controls of the
Ariel Atom Cup
, while doing the same with the RX Lites on his duel
with Kyle. A victory that turns to Sebastian Vettel in the first
pilot that wins the Nations Cup solo
, though not in the first
defend the interests of their country alone, every time Travis
Pastrana, also present in Miami, and competed in solo to the
Team USA in the 2006 edition of the Race of Champions disputed in Paris.