Sebastian Vettel wins the Race of Champions 2015


Sebastian Vettel has one more trophy in their display cases after
a great performance at the Olympic Stadium in London. The German had
special wanted to get the victory in the Race of Champions and has been in its
first season at Ferrari when he has succeeded in winning the category
individual of the ROC. In the end has surpassed a myth of motorsport as
Tom Kristensen
and by the way, has removed to Petter Solberg, his compatriot
Nico Hülkenberg and David Coulthard, former champion. Vettel has managed to win only the first year that has not been won by teams.

Began the Race of Champions a much rugged. During the previous round had to repeat one of the confrontations between ‘Pechito’ and Hunter-Reay to skip the fireworks before time. The duel between Pascal Wehrlein and Andy Priaulx was marked by the crash against the barriers of the German, having to play the duel with the Euro Nascar in two different time limits. In any case and except for the above-mentioned round in which were played the three sleeves, all the others were resolved by the fast track. Ryan Hunter-Reay, Andy Priaulx, Bradley Philpot and Alex Buncombe were lodging themselves in the final round.

In the final round of all the qualifiers were resolved by a partial 2-0, that is to say, with utmost authority of the winners. Sebastian Vettel gave no options to Petter Solberg with the KTM X-Bow. In one of the first duels between pilots of F1, the German Nico Hülkenberg was left in the gutter to Daniel Ricciardo, while Felipe Massa did the same with Jenson Button, in a reflection of what can be seen weekend after weekend in the World. Coulthard, Kristensen, Plato, Priaulx and Buncombe passed round beating Wolff, Piquet, Grosjean, Hunter-Reay and Philpot respectively.


The quarterfinals starting with a duel in the bosom of the German team. Sebastian Vettel vs Nico Hülkenberg on the ROC Buggy. And the four times champion of the F1 World could be with the current champion of Le Mans. Sebastian Vettel went to the semi-finals where they would cross against David Coulthard. The scot defended the title, and despite being with Felipe Massa, got the victory by a score of 2-0 with the KTM X-Bow. Tom Kristensen was asserting its hands in a duel of experience with Dish, while Alex Buncombe gave the surprise by eliminating to Andy Priaulx, winner yesterday of the Nations Cup.

In the semi-finals, and Sebastian Vettel-were to David Coulthard, although with some intrigue. In the first place because Vettel had won in the tiebreaker at the controls of the KTM X-Bow, and in the second place because that was the vehicle ‘replacement’ as the first partner in the KTM X-Bow had to be discarded due to mechanical problems in the drive of scots. Tom Kristensen opting for the fast track and is imposed upon the young Alex Buncombe by a score of 2-0 at the wheel of the Radical SR3, leaving a final between the nine time champion of Le Mans and a four-time champion of the F1 World.

In the end there were also problems in the ROC Buggy Tom Kristensen. After the first race in the Radical SR3 with victory of Vettel, he had to resort once again to the KTM X-Bow for the last race of the event, although the F1 champion didn’t lose the concentration. Sebastian Vettel got the victory , and he did it in a race in which Tom Kristensen was against the barriers. In this way, Vettel gets his first win as an individual in the Race of Champions, together with the six wins that he accumulated alongside Michael Schumacher in the Nations Cup.