Sebastien Buemi wins the ePrix of Berlin and returns to being a leader


Goal accomplished. Sébastien Buemi has scored the triumph in the ePrix of Berlin and will arrive as leader to the double date that closes the championship in London. The swiss driver has had a weekend without errors -something that has not been common in the last few tests – and has taken advantage of his position as the output to be placed first and control the race. Podium finish for Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi, partner of team ABT Audi. However, the proper role of the local computer looks overshadowed by the loss of the leadership and by an investigation of Di Grassi that well could cost him the third place.

Sébastien Buemi was the most ready in the output and I got to take the first position, Jean-Eric Vergne before the first hairpin. However, little lasting joy in Renault and.Dams as Vergne returned the overtaking before the start of the second lap. From behind, Lucas di Grassi was positioning itself sixth in output in the the only incident notable was the touch between Ma Qing Hua and René Rast, both partners in the Team Aguri. The single-seater from the German remained with the rear spoiler off the hook. With mechanical problems, Bruno Senna spent by pit.

While black flags with orange dot waving to René Rast and also to Sam Bird by problems in his front wing when he rolled in fourth position, ahead of the battle it was back to intesify. For the third time in six rounds the leader of the race changed after seeing Sébastien Buemi was back to overtake Vergne, fact which almost takes Daniel Abt to pass to the pilot DS Virgin. In the first instance is not what I got, but just a few laps later Daniel Abt managed to ascend to the second position, while Oliver Turvey also rushing a step precipitated by the pits to change the nose.


With Sam Bird out of the battle for its passage by pit, the fight for the podium was formed by a group of three riders in that Vergne was third, while Nico Prost and Lucas Di Grassi slid his wake. Oblivious to this battle I lived a Sébastien Buemi who was leading the race with 3 seconds of advantage about Daniel Abt, who in turn held another three seconds on the above-mentioned group. Behind this, Robin Frijns and Simona de SIlvestro slid ahead of Nick Heidfeld that ahead of Loïc Duval.

Jean-Eric Vergne made a mistake by taking the chicane in the first sector, which caused him to lose part of the front spoiler. Although the French showed him the black flag with orange dot, Vergne was still on the track and in the same chicane ended up losing the front wing. Nico Prost will prevail in the fight for the third position just before the step-by-pit of the first classified for the change of car. The own Jean-Eric Vergne retrained in their mandatory stop the step-by-pit that I had to do to bring your original car with damage.

once all the riders were faced with the change of car in the pitlane, Sébastien Buemi managed to retain his lead ahead of Daniel Abt and Nico Prost, while Lucas Di Grassi managed to climb to fourth place after overtaking Jean-Eric Vergne in the whole process of step-by-pit. Robin Frijns was placed sixth ahead of Heidfeld, Duval, De Silvestro and Mike Conway, which was imposed to Stéphane Sarrazin in the particular battle that vívía the team Venturi in the own street of the pit. Once stabilized positions, Race Direction showed the ‘Full Course Yellow’ to clean up the parts missed by Vergne at the chicane.


The second part of the race on the streets of Berlin did not leave so many emotions, the full time positions were more stabilized. Well it is true that Mike Conway managed to overtake Simona de Silvestro in the struggle for the eighth position, while Daniel Abt, Nico Prost and Lucas Di Grassi fighting for two positions on the podium. However, you had to wait to the last ten laps to produce the first attempts to attack the own Di Grassi. However, once launched the first notice Lucas di Grassi was soon to overtake Nico Prost.

The last laps of the ePrix of Berlin left to Loïc Duval
out of the race after impacting against the barriers,
causing the output
the Safety Car
. With his presence on the track as there were no changes of position.
Sébastien Buemi was taken up with the victory ahead of Daniel Abt and Lucas Di
Grassi, who has on his shoulders
an investigation of possible excess of
speed in the period of ‘Full Course Yellow’
. Nico Prost for his part has
was fourth, while Jean-Eric Vergne finished fifth. The area of
points has been completed by
Robin Frijns, Nick Heidfeld, Mike Conway,
Simona de Silvestro and Stéphane Sarrazin

Classification ePrix of the Berlin Formula E 2015-16

Position Pilot Car Difference
1 Sebastien Buemi Renault e.Dams Renault Z. E 15 48 turns
2nd Daniel Abt ABT Schaeffler Audi ABT Schaeffler FE01 +1.767
3rd Lucas Di Grassi ABT Schaeffler Audi ABT Schaeffler FE01 +2.381
4th Nico Prost Renault e.Dams Renault Z. E 15 +3.328
5th Jean-Eric Vergne DS Virgin Virgin DSV-01 +4.927
6th Robin Frijns Andretti Formula E SRT01-e +6.501
7th Nick Heidfeld Mahindra Racing Mahindra M2Electro +7.700
8th Mike Conway Venturi Formula E Venturi VM200-FE-01 +8.305
9th Simona de Silvestro Andretti Formula E SRT01-e +12.473
10th Stéphane Sarrazin Venturi Formula E Venturi VM200-FE-01 +13.241