Sébastien Loeb gives back to Citroën Racing


Sébastien Loeb is already immersed in his first Dakar and up to the moment the sensations in the prologue and in the second stage are still positive. However, the French rider left a message in the form of statements during the run up to its debut in the raid more hard of the world. And the dart had a destiny, Citroën Racing. At this point it is clear that the divorce between the French and the signing of the PSA Group was not as friendly that you would have wanted and although it remains in Peugeot Sport, the relationship between the two parties is strained.

In statements to ‘Autosport.pt’, Sébastien Loeb discussed their hasty departure for Citroën and the WTCC, putting a reason on the table: “Now do not think that we wanted to continue at Citroën for having decided to contest the Dakar, so must have been a matter of image between Citroen and Peugeot. At this point I think it is not possible to do some thing with them.”. The French is pretty blunt about it: “they Had a good opportunity to have me, but closed the door. Never would dispute all of the WRC, but it could have helped in the development or have played any rally. If I had been asked, would have agreed to do one or two rallies“.

With these statements, Sébastien Loeb makes it clear that his path is far from Citroën and therefore focuses on its role in Peugeot Sport, although it was not clear from its programme for the season 2016. The only thing he has to say on the nine times champion of the WRC is that it is working on several ideas. The World of Cross Country is drawn as the first option, but it also rings with the force the World of Rallycross. Of time, Sébastien Loeb is still looking for since don’t want to play two or three tests a year.