Sébastien Ogier closes the WRC with victory in Wales


The WRC has closed its doors. The season 2015 of the World Rally has ended, and what has been done with the script, most repeated throughout the year, the domain of Ogier. After dominating with an iron hand during the entire test, Sebastien Ogier has won the Rally of Wales. The frenchman, who has paid a heartfelt tribute to the victims of the attacks in Paris at the end of the test, has added his eighth win of the season. Podium finish for Kris Meeke and Andreas Mikkelsen. Dani Sordo finished fourth, although it can not prevent the runners-up of brands Citroën.

The Rally of Wales arrived with all ceded to the final stage, but the muddy sections were a surprise to most. In the SS16, Ott Tanak suffered an off track. The Estonian driver, who was driving in fourth position up to the time, could not stop his Ford Fiesta RS WRC in a strong braking at around kilometer 5 of the special ‘Brenig’ and had to leave. An ending that not only deprives him of a great result, but that subtracts many options to be able to continue in 2016 at M-Sport, training, competing at home.

Jari-Matti Latvala is down the scratch in the first three sections of the day, while Dani Sordo rising to fourth place, thanks to the abandonment of Ott Tanak. By identical reason, Lorenzo Bertelli reached the area of points. These were the only changes in the classification of a Rally of Wales let as a single point of interest in the Power Stage, with the last few extra points in game of the season. Then, the distances between the ten first classified, they were too bulky as to think in a real battle. A final predictable, though no less decaffeinated.


Jari-Matti Latvala is scored the Power Stage following the line shown in the previous special and added the three extra points of the segment. Andreas Mikkelsen finished second with two rid of the mule and Kris Meeke was third in a perfect closure for both of you after to set a positive rally in which no mistakes have been made. Sébastien Ogier this time not sinned reckless and unlike the Rally RACC where he left in the Power Stage, the frenchman reached the finish safe and sound and could to give the victory to the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Volkswagen closes the season with 12 victories in 13
and surpassing the figure of 500 scratch since his return to the WRC, in great
as for the effect of Sébastien Ogier. Across the sample of the domain that is
putting the German brand with its Polo R WRC. In fact, in the Rally of Wales
only Kris Meeke has been able to face up to the force dominating. The british
studded a brilliant performance with the DS3 WRC and in addition to certifying its third
podium of the season, its outcome has served to to deliver the runners-up of brands Citroën.

Dani Sordo finished fourth, and although it has not been able to
get the difficult business of putting Hyundai in second position of the
general marks, closes the season on a line ascending to a podium in
the Rally RACC and a performance that is very strong in Wales. Hayden Paddon has been fifth
with the i20 WRC’s first team, while Elfyn Evans has not been able to spend
the sixth position before his countrymen
. The area of points has been
to be completed by the Citroën DS3 WRC of Mads Ostberg and Stéphane Lefebvre, as well
as for the Ford Fiesta RS WRC privateers of the Polish Robert Kubica and
Italian Lorenzo Bertelli.


could Not complete the double French in the Rally of Wales. When it seemed that he had everything in hand to clinch victory in WRC2, the frenchman Eric Camilli has suffered engine problems of his Ford Fiesta R5. The pilot covered by Toyota, has seen his teammate surpassed him in the final stretch of the season. Teemu Suninen has scored his first victory in WRC2. For its part, the podium has been completed by the irish Craig Breen at the wheel of the Peugeot 208 T16 R5.

Joan Carchat has been the best pilot in the Glass Production and that has earned him greater success, to win the title of World Champion of the category. The andorran at the wheel of his Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X has been far better during the entire test to Max Rendina. For his part, the victory in JWRC has been for Ole Christian Veiby, with Quentin Gilbert in the second position. However, the French had another goal that has led to good port. With his third overall position, Quentin Gilbert has scored the title of WRC3.

final Classification of the 71st Rally of Wales

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Difference
1 Sébastien Ogier Volkswagen Polo R WRC 3:03.02.0
2nd Kris Meeke Citroën DS3 WRC +26.0
3rd Andreas Mikkelsen Volkswagen Polo R WRC +36.2
4th Dani Sordo Hyundai i20 WRC +2:51.3
5th Hayden Paddon Hyundai i20 WRC +3:00.5
6th Elfyn Evans Ford Fiesta RS WRC +3:09.1
7th Mads Ostberg Citroën DS3 WRC +4:28.4
8th Stéphane Lefebvre Citroën DS3 WRC +5:38.4
9th Robert Kubica Ford Fiesta RS WRC +6:22.7
10th Lorenzo Bertelli Ford Fiesta RS WRC +8:05.0