Sébastien Ogier managed his lead in the Tour de Corse


Not even the rain present in the loop evening has altered the
future champion. Sebastien Ogier is holding firm to the front of the Tour de Corse
after a day marathon that has been resolved with a balance-neutral
pilot of Volkswagen. With 170 kilometers about the distance in relation to
Thierry Neuville remains the same, which leaves him in a commanding position
to add the victory in Corsica. Neuville and Mikkelsen completed the podium in
the test French
, while Dani Sordo exemplifies the comeback that has not
able to carry out Kris Meeke after suffering an accident and end up retired.

With five hard tyres by decree among the favorites, the SS5 was the perfect scenario to see how Kris Meeke signed a big scratch and should be claimed after the puncture suffered on the day the initial of the Tour de Corse. The pilot of Citroën signed a ritmo endiablado with the DS3 WRC, which led him to finish off the rally a stretch after. In one of the first areas to be committed to the tranche of ‘Novella – Pietralba’, Kris Meeke suffered an off track and had to leave after starting a wheel of their World Rally Car against a tree.

Sébastien Ogier and Andreas Mikkelsen took advantage of this circumstance to trace their time at the end of SS6, not without a scare for the leader of the test because Ogier before him with a cow and had to slow down so as not to suffer an accident similar to that suffered by Tommi Mäkinen in 1995 in this same test. For his part, the pilot Norwegian managed to settle in the third position and threaten indirectly to Thierry Neuville. Also within Hyundai, Dani Sordo managed to climb to the eighth position with the abandonment of Meeke, while Eric Camilli became the target of the cantabrian for the loop evening.


The loop verspertino began with rain, without
certainly added a complication extra for all riders. Although that
circumstances inviting the use of the soft tyre, in the end, the SS7 is
was dry. Without having to take precautions, Sebastien Ogier signed
scratch number 600 of the Volkswagen Polo R WRC
and it did lead in to 5.9
seconds, Thierry Neuville, minimum distance, as the belgian driver made a
error. No changes among the strongest rider, Dani Sordo was the only one that
drew revenue from SS7 to overtake Eric Camilli
to achieve the seventh
position of the rally.

Without the need of risk-taking, and with a Polo R WRC more delicate
in previous sections, the SS8 are turned in the field of Hyundai as
Thierry Neuville claimed the scratch ahead of Dani Sordo. Craig Breen
also leave your signature in this section, whenever the rhythm marked by Dull
implies a certain threat to the fifth position of the irish and, above all, to the sixth
because of Hayden Paddon. Also Ott Tanak managed to poke the head in the
last special of the day
, after suffering during the whole rally with the
tyres DMACK, much more effective in the cooler conditions of the loop

Despite having to deal with a final stretch that was
drying with the passage of the cars, the first ten classified passed the
examination with some effectiveness. Ogier was the losing rate result of not
want to take risks, although the French managed to close the day 46,5
seconds advantage over Thierry Neuville
. With a good rhythm, Andreas Mikkelsen
a step closer to his podium leaving Jari-Matti Latvala 33.3 seconds,
while Craig Breen also seems to be a firm holder of the fifth spot.
For his part, Dani Sordo will try to hunt down Hayden Paddon for the sixth place.
A total of 21.2 seconds is the difference


Elfyn Evans has signed a solid day and continues to the front
of the category WRC2
, though perhaps what is most important to your performance on the
Ford Fiesta R5 is the height of some of the riders that compete
with the Fiesta RS WRC, is Mads Ostberg, the great pointed out, since the Norwegian
is totally lost on asphalt. Be that as it may, Evans maintains an income of
In 37.8 seconds on Jan Kopecký
, while Yoann Bonato is the third
classified in a category in which Jose Antonio ‘Rocket’ Suarez has had
to leave
after several small mishaps.

Yohan Rossel is still in the lead in WRC3, although not without suffering.
In fact, throughout the second stage, the French rider has lost the
leadership before a Laurent Pellier inspired in the loop morning. However,
the conditions of the last two specials have returned in the time table
original position and has left both riders separated by 14.9 seconds. In
another world, Martin Koci has climbed up to third position ahead of
Simone Tempestini
, positions that are defined by the huge
advantage that there is among the four survivors remaining.

Classification after SS8 of the 59th Tour de Corse

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Difference
1 Sébastien Ogier Volkswagen Polo R WRC 3:27:10.0
2nd Thierry Neuville Hyundai i20 WRC +46.5
3rd Andreas Mikkelsen Volkswagen Polo R WRC +1:08.0
4th Jari-Matti Latvala Volkswagen Polo R WRC +1:41.3
5th Craig Breen Citroën DS3 WRC +2:04.9
6th Hayden Paddon Hyundai i20 WRC +2:42.7
7th Dani Sordo Hyundai i20 WRC +3:03.9
8th Eric Camilli Ford Fiesta RS WRC +4:18.2
9th Mads Ostberg Ford Fiesta RS WRC +5:10.5
10th Elfyn Evans Ford Fiesta R5 +5:47.0

The last stage of the Tour de Corse starts this Sunday at 8:58 hours. The final day of the test will only be two sections, with the last being the Power Stage. The riders will face 64.2 kilometres against the clock, with nearly 54 of them concentrated in the SS9.