Sébastien Ogier wins the Rally of Monte-carlo with M-Sport


Sébastien Ogier has joined his first victory in the Rally of Montecarlor with M-Sport in which it has been the dream debut of the Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17. With this victory, the champion of the WRC starts the year in front of the classification and returns the preparer of Cumbria to the highest podium of the World, feeling that the team of Malcolm Wilson did not live from the Rally of Wales, 2012. Jari-Matti Latvala finished second in his debut with the Toyota Yaris WRC after a performance, very solid, while Ott Tanak has saved the podium the last stretch is quite memorable, always and when you get to Monaco.

The 5,50 kilometres of the second pass through ‘Luceram – Col St. Roch’ were torn, since it is also the sixteenth special by the massive presence of the public in the wrong position. This fact provoked that the fight for the podium between Tanak and Sordo, as well as from the points on the Power Stage, solaparan in a last special where the snow became a differentiating factor, as the first riders that were jumping in the stretch they did it to compete on a dry asphalt, while the rest were hit with areas with snow and points very sensitive in the second part of the special.

Thanks to this fact, Thierry Neuville got the scratch on the last leg of the rally with great ease, adding the first five extra points of the Power Stage. The belgian, who was one of the guys that first jumped on to the track after his problems in the day yesterday, stopped the clock in 14:14.4, to the dessert we served for to endorse a half a minute to Stéphane Lefebvre and 55 seconds to Juho Hänninen, the other two riders who managed to complete the SS17 without being too affected by the snow that little by little it was piling up on the asphalt. Something similar happened with Elfyn Evans, which was fourth.


all in all, the battle for the podium between Ott Tanak and Dani Sordo are
became the point of great interest
. However, Ott Tanak had to
defending a lead of 46.6 seconds to Dani Sordo with Ford
Fiesta RS WRC ’17 in the only two cylinders of your engine EcoBoost
worked properly
. Everything seemed to be made for Deaf, especially in
the first part of the special, corresponding to all the stretch in
rise. However, that was not the pilot spaniard is with the
stretch down, in which the Tanak was cast to the attack taking advantage of the
sections with snow

While Sébastien Ogier confirmed his triumph and
Jari-Matti Latvala its second position
in his debut with Toyota, Ott Tanak
he signed a few final kilometers memorable that served him to yield less than
ten seconds to Dani Sordo. In this way, if the mechanics of your Ford
Fiesta RS WRC ’17 holds up to Monaco, Ott Tanak will have managed to sign the
doublet of M-Sport on the podium
, leaving Dani Sordo at the gates of the podium
after a rally which has gone from less to more, and which has paid its discreet
performance during the first stage of the test.

A step behind the two protagonists of the final duel,
Craig Breen finished sixth in the Monte carlo Rally,
. The irish, with a
Citroën DS3 WRC 2016, has added a performance almost perfect in the that has
managed to boost the benefits of your car and take advantage of the mistakes of the
rivals to be able to be at the height of the World Rally Car new
generation. For his part, Elfyn Evans finished sixth after leaving his label
in the test with multiple scratch
grounded in the good performance of the
tyres DMACK, while the top-10 have completed Jan Kopecký,
Stéphane Lefebvre and Brian Bouffier.


Andreas Mikkelsen has signed a brilliant victory in WRC2
after dominating from beginning to end the rally car R5. In fact, the
Norwegian, which in this test has served as official driver of Skoda Motorsport,
has been endorsed by 3 minutes and 25 seconds on Jan Kopecký, a pilot that competed with
identical vehicle. Bryan Bouffier has closed the podium of the second category
in the world championship with the Ford Fiesta R5 after profit from the evil beginning of Eric
Camilli, which has had to be satisfied with the fourth position in the first
rally your program in WRC2 with M-Sport.

Without opposition following the abandonment of two of the three Abarth 124
Rally, Romain Dumas has joined the victory in the category R-GT after failing to find
any opposition in Gabriele Noberasco, which nevertheless has managed to complete the
Rally of Monte carlo with the third-Abarth 124 Rally. For his part, the French
Raphaël Astier has taken the victory in WRC3
after passing for more than nine
minutes to the best of the Renault Clio RS R3T. In the dispute of the final of the
Clio R3T Cup, Luca Panzani has achieved the victory
by 37.5 seconds
to Charles Martin. The Spanish Surhayen Pernía has finished third.

final Classification of the 85th Monte carlo Rally

Position Pilot Vehicle Time / Difference
1 Sébastien Ogier Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17 4:00:03.6
2nd Jari-Matti Latvala Toyota Yaris WRC +2:15.0
3rd Ott Tanak Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17 +2:57.8
4th Dani Sordo Hyundai i20 WRC Coupe +3:35.8
5th Craig Breen Citroën DS3 WRC +3:47.8
6th Elfyn Evans Ford Fiesta RS WRC ’17 +6:45.0
7th Andreas Mikkelsen Skoda Fabia R5 +9:32.7
8th Jan Kopecký Skoda Fabia R5 +12:58.1
9th Stéphane Lefebvre Citroen C3 WRC +14:43.8
10th Bryan Bouffier Ford Fiesta R5 +16:09.4