Security systems for vehicles

The security is one of the most important factors to consider when purchase vehicles because it will largely depend on our health and are all around us, you will know what security systems fundamental for any driver ?, You those mentioned in the next lines.

Sistemas de seguridad para tu vehĂ­culo

speed, comfort, design and technology that can bring us a vehicle are items to consider when preparing ourselves for buy a car but its relevance is not up to security because this is the factor that will protect us from the damaging effects of any unforeseen accident on our road trip can lead to our own welfare.

The Media has echoes, especially during the holidays, the many traffic which has threatened the lives of a significant proportion of drivers and their passengers when making production of your residency.

Bosch through its new campaign, wants to remind us how important equipping our vehicles with restraint protect us against any impact threatens our own wellbeing.

Among the various systems mentioned above we highlight “ Adaptive Cruise Control” (ACC) for a safer and more relaxed driving. Other systems of interest are Warning and Lane Keeping (LDW and LKS) and a Blind Spot Detector (BSM) or Predictive Brake System (PEBS).

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