See how MAN Diesel & Turbo builds the biggest engines in the world (video)

MAN Diesel & Turbo is a German company primarily engaged in construction fueled by diesel or diesel engine fuels. Commercial vehicle division belongs to the Volkswagen Group, but this time we will talk only of manufacturing heavy engines. Engines used to generate electricity in power plants or engines bestial twelve or sixteen cylinders, used for gigantic propel ships . Observe the production process and dimensions.

Marine engines can have thousands of liters of displacement, and tens of thousands of horses.

The engine with the video begins as fourteen-cylinder diesel , with possibly thousands of liters of displacement, is as tall as a two-story house. I think you may have about six or seven meters long. And not even the world’s largest engine, that title is for RTA96C Wärtsilä-Sultzer. The pistons are larger than one person and have to help of a crane for assembly.

The size of your crankshaft hurt our minds accustomed to car engines. The second part of the video shows other production processes and focuses on turbines – for the generation of energy in inaccessible sites or specific industrial applications – or industrial processes such as machining parts. Say machining lathes are somewhat larger than those found in a conventional workshop.

Source: Jalopnik
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