See this Chevrolet Camaro 4-cylinder burning wheel is a delight, visual and audible

We live in a curious moment in which the muscle car have evolved into an area that, although he had already been explored long ago, we could not imagine that one day they were to conquer. Both Chevrolet Camaro , which little by little we know new details, such as the recently released Ford Mustang, have received four-cylinder engines. Michael Tung, one of the engineers and testers Chevrolet, whose task to state in the set-up of the new Camaro, video shows what he is capable of making the Camaro 2.0 T . And he says that will surprise you …

The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro will be available with 4-cylinder engines of 275 hp, 335 hp V6 and V8 455 hp. See specifications of the new Camaro.

The Tung himself tells us in this video that in recent years, out of work, has fueled his passion for testing drifting . So that this experience could be transmitted to when working on the chassis of the new Camaro, that whether you take him with four, six or eight cylinders, you hook up with your driving and you enjoy it aside.

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