“See you in the future”: The video to celebrate 60 years of the Fiat 500

Fiat turned to the american actor Adrien Brody to tell this story that crosses time and shows us part of the tour of the Fiat 500, which these days celebrates 60 years. The video called “See you in the future” is accompanied by the voice of Mario Lanza singing “Come Prima”.

Con the occasion of the birthday number 60 of the Fiat 500, the Italian firm, she starred in a series of institutional acts and communication, in addition to launching a special series called “Anniversario“. The model of Fiat was also incorporated in a permanent form to the museum collection MoMa in New York city.

As part of communicative action, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles launched a promotional video called “See you in the future”, starring the american actor Adrien Brody, winner of the Oscar for his leading role in the movie “The Pianist” in 2002.

The Fiat 500 “Anniversary” celebrates 60 years of the 500

The short recorded in the city of Milan focuses on the path traveled by the Fiat 500 since that far-off year 1947 to the present, while as the soundtrack sounds the unmistakable voice of Mario Lanza singing “Come Prima”. Anna Manuelli interprets a beautiful lady that tries to seduce Brody, who can’t hide his attraction to the Fiat 500 of today’s generation.

The film has been transmitted on the 4 of July in Italy simultaneously by Rai, Mediaset, Sky and Discover, to an estimated audience of 11 million viewers.

Fiat 500 “Anniversary” are recognized for their exterior colors, as well as for his wheels, 16-inch vintage-style, chrome package exterior and the old logos of Fiat. The interior includes a covering that is specific to piping and the logo of the model embroidered on the back of the seats, in addition to a dashboard of an exclusive design.