Seeing the look of the Honda Urban EV production

Recreación del Honda Urban EV

Recreation of the production version of the Honda Urban EV.

there is no turning back, Honda has launched their particular bet for the sustainable mobility at the global level. The japanese manufacturer is betting on the electrification of all its new models both in the european market as american and asian. But, beyond the arrival of models of a mechanical hybrid like the Honda CR-V Hybrid, the bet of the strongest will arrive from the hand of his first electric car battery that will invade the old continent. We talk about the the production version of the Honda Urban EV Concept.

let us Remember that the Honda Urban EV Concept made its debut almost a year ago during the last Frankfurt motor show 2017. That concept car is positioned as the prelude to the first all-electric car that Honda will sell in Europe. A model that we want to to bring forward part of their design by the recreation heading this article. To do this, our designers have taken as a basis the conceptual model.

What is certain is that it will remain a large part of the base of the Honda Urban EV Concept, although the design will be “rationalized” through the introduction of a few optical production, a few mirrors, heated exterior mirrors, conventional as well as other elements that all vehicle street must have. Now, although we are at an electric car battery that quickly associate it with something modern and futuristic, the truth is that the way you take your tires and the combination of colors exterior that you have chosen our designers throws a certain air of “vintage” and classic.

Honda Urban EV Concept

The Honda Urban EV Concept offers a preview of the first car 100% electric Honda to Europe.

What is certain is that beyond what has already been confirmed by the brand itself about the Honda Urban EV Concept, there is not much information about the future vehicle that will arrive at dealers in a few years. After its presentation in Frankfurt the own Philip Ross, Senior Vice president of Honda Motor Europe, said that they have decided to bring forward the opening of the order book due to the good reviews harvested.

And it is that, as we have already commented in previous articles about the Honda Urban EV, the japanese manufacturer will accept orders in Europe at the beginning of 2019. For now it is unknown the price that will have the model that will hit the market as well as any detail about its range. Simply Honda will continue the strategy of other brands with their new electric cars, allowing their customers to book a unit by making a certain deposit.

One of the features that yes you can have the Honda Urban EV production is the technology of quick charging of their batteries. Not so long ago the company nippon pointed out that their electric cars will be able to recharge its batteries in just 15 minutes.