Seen for the first time the Audi RS4 Avant 2017

The range of the Audi A4 2016 is taking shape in the showrooms of the brand. The new units coming to the roads of our country, however are versions for getting, just one. This will be the more powerful variant and sport of the series. Obviously we refer to Audi RS4 Avant 2017.


do Not take in consideration this design, because we are in a mule chassis under a body S4 Avant

Some reports claim that the RS4 2017 will have a variant ranchera, which we can see in these images, and a variant sedan. The latter for the time being has not been left to see, but be certain those information, we should not take a long time to see it. Both share mechanical, that will not be as we know it today.

The RS4 current sports a V8 engine of 450 hp under its hood. For the new generation of the sedan, high-performance Audi has decided to introduce a block V6 which will be a new generation of turbos electric. A technology that we have already seen in the development phase in units such as the Audi RS5 TDI Concept or the Audi A6 TDI Concept.

The problem of the turbos is the delay, or lag, between the moment you press the accelerator and the input of the power. Depending on the configuration and tuning this time can be higher or lower, but not so in the turbos electric, whose response is instantaneous. In this way, Audi ensures that the power is from the lowest range of the rev counter, thus getting more performance.

The Audi RS4 2017 will be the first brand to have this technology, but will not be the last. The trend dictates that this type of turbocharging is the future, and in fact is already confirmed for future units, such as the Audi A7 2017, which will have this system even in its variations, less powerful.


Many new techniques are included in the RS4 2017

Is soon to determine how it will be the design of the RS4. The unit discovered was an Audi S4 with modified chassis. You will notice a track width larger, but their battle remains the same. it Is expected that by mid-2016 let’s see the first mules final of the RS4 Avant, but it will not be until 2017 when it is presented and marketed.