Seeps a mild update for the BMW M2

Filtrado restyling BMW M2

If you like playing find the seven differences, here’s a new challenge. They have filtering a series of images of what will be the restyling of the BMW M2. It is likely that, if not you would have said nothing, you had not noticed that they are some leaked images of the next update and not a few images of the current version. The changes are minimal and not bring too much importance. What you’ve found already?

several months Ago that the German brand has updated the BMW M3 and M4 with a few changes, very minor. The upgrade of the BMW M2 continues the same path. In this way, the version of the major benefits of this small coupe varies with the design of their optical. Instead of using lighting bi-xenon will use the LED technology in their optical front. In addition, the forms of the “angel eyes” or “angel eyes” aren’t as round, now using a way more well hex with lines more straight.

Filtrado restyling BMW M2

In the rear of the body changes follow the same line. The only variations noticeable to the human eye with respect to the current variant coming from the hand of a few riders later slightly updated. Change so little that it will be difficult to distinguish one variant from another when the new version is now start to be marketed.

There have been leaked images of the passenger compartment, but seeing the exterior changes we do not believe that the updated BMW M2 is very different to the current variant in its interior. Any update for the infotainment and maybe new upholstery. In any case, nothing remarkable or of great importance.


BMW M2 current

we don’t expect differences to dynamic level. What is more likely is that the BMW M2 updated keep the same propellant and benefits, so that would continue being in your engine bay, the 3-litre six-cylinder supercharged yielding 370 HP and 465 Nm of pair; an energy that is sent to the rear axle. We will see if after a while the teutonic brand dares to launch a BMW M2 more extreme.

Source – Motor1

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