#SegundaMoto: Indian Scout: Source (I)

a Few times in the world of bikes you can climb the ‘loins’ of a machine that oozes history and tradition from each of their boards. On rare occasions, one can savor the miles on an Indian, and if you have the chance, I highly recommend that you don’t let it pass. We have not done, and we’ve tested the Indian Scout. If not sounds like the name, maybe you should know that the first time that an Indian Scout went on sale it was in 1920. Almost a century ago and as you already know, keep the identity and the name after the number of events from that date until the present, is a miracle.

In 1903 it reached the record of 90km/h on a bike

however, before 1920, the Indian had already invested two decades in the development of their bikes. In fact, it was in 1901 when they saw the light the first two production units of the company, and just a year after they sold the first motorcycle. Obviously, if you are interested in minimally the cars and the bikes, you will have heard or experienced many stories that are worthy of to listen to or tell. And if you’ve ever been involved in a conversation about the maximum speed of the vehicles of old, here is a small nod to a record that the Indian, with only 2 years of life was established: 90km/h on a bike in 1903.

The development of the company continued to grow and in 1906, the Indian threw the first propellant V-Twin, a classic in the custom bikes, winning awards for reliability and even caught the attention of the police of new york. The following years were used for developing technically the product suspension, cantilever, leaf spring, design of the repository and integration in the box, electric lights (1914), starter motor etc…. And in 1918 one of the racing machines reach 193km/h.


Decade of the 20′. The birth of the Scout. | Indian

All of this occurs before the Indian Scout made by semibloques and the Big Chief to get to the market, next to the model Prince and Four of four cylinders. In 1923, the name of the company was changed to Indian Motocycle Company (not Motorcycle, as it is assumed more correct and commonly used to this day) as at the end of the NINETEENTH century in the usa.UU came out the uncertainty about which term was correct. Apparently in the Hendee Manufacturing Company chose the name without the R, though now it is with R. 28, the Scout opens its own path between the acrobats of the ‘wall of death’.

The Indian Scout was born in 1920

The 30’s were lit by the art deco and the first bike with two carburetors. During the years of the Second World War, the brand supplied cars for the conflict and introduced technical innovations such as the rear suspension with a plunger, and even received the award Army Navi Production Award. In 1945, the company is divided into two: manufacturing and distribution. Daytona becomes a terrain where pilots Johnny Spiegelhof and Floyd Emde wins victories in competitions in the mid-late years 40.

In the 50 years, the model Chief (effective today) tried to get back to the product of particular, already moved away from the war, but failed and, in 1953, he had to withdraw from that iconic model 1300 cm3… for the moment. It would not be until 1967 where the Salt Deserts of the Bonneville had the pleasure of having a speed record for a motorcycle of less than 1,000 cc. On board, Herbert ‘Bert’ Munro in his Scout conveniently prepared.


After the Second World War, the efforts were focused on the model Chief for individuals. | Indian

Little more is known until the rastering history of rights who tried to revive the name of Indian between 1998 and 2004. In 2008 start-up of new production and the Chief of 2009 is re-build in North Carolina. In 2011, he began his career with Polaris as a business unit autonomous but supported in engineering and technology. The rebirth of the company brings with it many models… and here I am. Over 100 years of legend. Disappeared for a while but never forgotten. The Indian Scout breathes tradition without forgetting the current times. And in the next part we will tell you what you have to offer after 96 years from its birth,.