#SegundaMoto: Indian Scout: – up and conclusions (III)

it Is time to turn the key and go out to get lost for miles and miles. When you boot it the sound that it emits its dual exhaust is practically perfect. It is not outrageous but it has a lot of character. With my height (1,70 m), I get perfectly well to the handlebars and the footpegs which, like the Victory Gunner, do not have a spring to return to its position if it is folded. However, compared to this, the footpegs are higher and that means the curves are going to be more permissive to the time of tilting the Scout.

The gear of the first gear is tough, without getting to the beating aired by the Gunner. During the first few meters it is very easy to handle. You feel light and nothing bulky. The angle of inclination is 33rd but everything is in a compact size. To tell you the truth, it is easy to lose the sense of ‘Custom’.

The thruster is very powerful and offers many sensations of speed and acceleration

huge Surprise when screwing on the throttle, because among so much heritage, history and tradition, we found an electronic throttle, more avant-garde, and modern than practical because in certain circumstances, especially when you want to keep certain speeds to ‘touch of gas’, it is difficult to dose the amount correctly. Basically because the thruster 1.130 cc is not a bike ‘Mid-Size’. Runs and lot. Enough to impress even the most skeptical. Enough to fall in love with fans of this style of bike and many others are not. It is, without a doubt, the biggest surprise of this machine, in addition to a propellant energetic, has a relationship of gears pretty logical, with 6-speed and elasticity outstanding in each one of them.


The position is natural while the wind whips with force on dual carriageways

Operates with tranquility up to the to 4,500-5,000 rpm, but you can force beyond even the 6,000 rpm, but then one realizes that it goes very fast… and from 120km/h, the reading of the speedometer becomes complicated and the whip of the wind in the chest starts to be elevated. What a toy!

The Scout is manageable thanks to its content size

As in addition is compact and the footrests are very high, it is easy to handle it with ease from one side to the other. One can even practice a sport driving thanks to the borders alejadísimas of other ‘Custom’ that mark this Scout. However, there are components that are key and have not been measured correctly and one of them is the braking. It is less aggressive than you may expect, with such a propeller and you would be a second front disc.

would Probably have to increase the bill of the Scout and then they would come out of a philosophy that in my opinion it should work properly, because for this price, it offers a remarkable quality. Part of the materials which can also improve are buttons of management of the cones. Too much conventional and ordinary for a bike that oozes appeal in every angle.


The footpegs are far away from the ground allowing for greater inclination in other Custom

The tires are of generous dimensions with a ‘ball’ 130/90 R16 in the front and 150/80 R16 in the rear. Even have been manufactured specifically for the bike and what is true is that the grip is good in dry, but in rain it is better to go with eye. The strong motor can make the bike to skid the rear wheel if we ventured to open the gas energy with the pavement delicate. As the bike is very manageable should not be presented as a problem, but once more an electronic component that controls the traction in rain, redondearía the score in the area of security.

For those who don’t look for a propeller so radical, the Sixty is your option with components practically patterned

For walks is more than pleasant. It is the ground on the one that best handles the Indian Scout, and your true nature. The engine supports circular half speed with total peace of mind without that go to demand revolutions, and as the seat is quite comfortable it can be performed without fatigue for many kilometers.

The cushioning is adequate without being an aspect that stands out for good or for evil. Is measured with a style that is more calm that sports ladling in more comfort once in a while if for example we use the bike every day. Yes, pairs where pairs there is always a curious that want to take a look or ask what bike it is. It is a magnet in this sense, and a true jewel on wheels that will withstand the test of time, with a dignity crushing.


In the front, a logo mark and a small lighthouse halogen are the protagonists

A recommendation: remember to take money on your trips as your deposit of 12.5 liters gets difficult to make stops; the reservation arrives before the 175 miles, and it is better not to rush. With 190 km, and 10.7-litre petrol, a consumption of around 5.4 l/100km in the combined cycle it looks like a figure quite affordable taking into account that the Indian has an engine worthy if what equipasen cars of the segments A, B and C.

In summary, the Indian Scout of the hand of Polaris is a perfect approach to the traditional brand and the demands of the current times. she gets hit full in many aspects and be really satisfied regardless of driving style. Your engine is more radical than its tuning on suspension and brakes, and allows you, with a consumption content enjoy many miles with a level of satisfaction very high. It is likely that the Scout Sixty is more logical for those who want to start in the world of ‘Custom’ of high displacements with a propeller aligned with the rest of the components and an attractive price. For all that in this style of bikes miss a bit of radicalism, the Scout conventional is the perfect bike.