#SegundaMoto: Victory Gunner: an Introduction and price (I)

Victory is a brand that is relatively young that builds bikes american and fortunately we can enjoy in Spain. Has a full range to be divided into three segments: Cruisers, Baggers and Touring. A total of 11 bikes with many similarities but targeted to people with approaches slightly the opposite. Even in 2015, it has presented the innovative Victory Ignition Concept at the EICMA, more sporty and with an engine of 1200 cc.

what is no doubt is that they are bikes for real people looking for a clear differentiation and that in any way does not want to a popular Harley-Davidson. However, Victory does not even have the age of majority. 17 years ago it was built the first motorcycle in Spirit Lake, Iowa, coinciding with the 222 anniversary of U.S. patriotism is carried in the blood and the bike really was ready a few weeks before the 4th of July 1998. But they decided to wait.

Today we test the Victory Gunner, a product of style ‘bobber’ of 2014 and we can not resist the desire to enjoy live what the Internet looks like a beautiful machine with which to enjoy for many and many kilometres. It is undeniable that you like the style or not, the Gunner is gorgeous. There is No one who has seen during the days of testing this bike and has not commented on its aesthetics is very attractive. It really is one of the strong points because it enters the eye and make you want to be mounted and a break from the routine for hundreds of miles.


the presence of The engine is massive, as their long lines of escape

The engine is a 1.731 with almost 90 BHP power and a torque of 139 Nm

The engine is a twin-cylinder in V at 50 ° four times and 1.731 cc cooler air/oil; a total statement of intent. Called ‘Freedom’ and there is an anagram that makes 106, referring to the inches of the engine. It has a massive torque of 139 Nm and a gearbox of 6 gears with a long (Overdrive) to be able to make the minimum consumption, and long routes at low spins in the sixth. The maximum power of a homologated motorcycle is 88,4 HP; more than enough to move with ease the enormous ‘bobber’.

One of the aspects that tend to worry more in this style of bikes, and for people low as is my case (1,70 m), is the weight. The figure scared at first because 296 kilos in vacuum are many pounds to be able to be done with it easily, but it certainly helps for a seat at 635 mm from the ground. It is a relief to reach with both feet flat to the sign of the road. The seat is a single seat, despite being less practical, it is more aesthetic. For practical purposes the Gunner is not a good option, because lead does not have a hole to let the documentation, forcing the user to bring it with you every time that you mount on a bike.

Going to the detail, the averages are 2.372 mm long with a wheelbase of 1.647 mm. The advancement, of 25.5 º becomes strange for first-timers in custom bikes. When you come back to a bike more sporty feeling is the opposite, with a front wheel almost under your body. For a bike like the Gunner, the town and the twists very closed are not the best ally, but with a little skill, it is perfectly usable in any situation.


The rear is in charge of LED for the brake light. Is car

Is a trademark of Iowa, has 17 years of life and 11 motorcycles in its catalog in Spain

As a curiosity, the Victory Gunner has a mono rear shock, and of course it is visually invisible. Enhances the attractiveness and modernity of the bike. Outside we have designed a few lines that inspire movement with a bow pronounced in the tank and the anagrams of the brand on both sides of the same. Aesthetically draws attention to the front wheel, 24 spokes, or 12 twin-spoke two-tone (silver/black).

The front disk a priori to be present enough to stop the bike, supported in part by a disc brake rear huge. To tell you the truth, both are of 300 mm only the front is four-piston callipers, while the rear is two. In addition, the ABS is standard. The transmission is by timing belt visually it is very good and, as you know, your maintenance is lower than for the chain and the noise allows one to fully enjoy the sound that the huge and lengthy escapes the Gunner transmitted to the outside.

Is sold in two colors and both are matte: matte Green metal and Titanium matte metallic. Any of the two will be a guarantee of success, as are like a glove on the Gunner. In addition, can boast of an affordable price for a true enthusiast: 13.790 € basis, so you can add another zero if reequipamos the model with the accessories that we propose the brand. Don’t miss the test in place of the Gunner!