Segway Robot: infinite possibilities for a robot that can take on his shoulders

Segway has gone from having practically a monopoly in personal mobility systems, of type hunter hoverboard refers to, to find a offer really nourished of products for all tastes, and very varied in prices, sizes and features. How could he look into the future of this company to continue to evolve their products? Segway had it very clear, the next step will be the development of the Segway Robot, a hunter hoverboard which in turn is the robot, or a robot that lets you upload in it. As you want to see it.

The Segway Robot will have an SDK open to developers to design their own functionality, and search utility new.

The idea behind the Segway Robot is really interesting, in both looks for a double functionality to a product a priori limited, as it is a hunter hoverboard. In the long run these functions grow exponentially. This gadget is equipped with a camera system three-dimensional, with an advanced image processing software that allows you to recognize objects with precision; great freedom of movement; extensive connectivity; real-time tracking; microphone and speakers to talk with the robot; a CPU powerful; and what is even more interesting, a universe to discover around. The Segway Robot reaches 18 km/h and 30 km distance with a single charge.

Segway has opened an SDK, a platform for developers to investigate the possibilities of your product, looking for new functionalities, and creating compatible accessories to scale even more the usefulness of this Segway Robot.

Its launch will occur in the second half of 2016 and will be targeted to individuals and developers, which in any case shall have the SDK Segway to develop their own functionalities. In the case of those who leave their mark by the version of Segway Robot Developer Edition, in addition will be in contact with the development team Segway to solve problems and propose new features.

let’s Say that Segway seeks to feed the imagination of third-party developers to create capabilities amazing for this robot. We think that the possibilities are endless. Imagine for a moment the amount of applications that we could find for a robot of these characteristics, such as surveillance work.

Source: Segway
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