Senner Audi S5 Sportback improves

The coupe Audi , S5 Sportback has been the subject of Desire inexhaustible source of specialists tunig which counts Germany. The latest to “get their hands” was Senner Tuning, with a sober preparation outside and inside radical .


Very little has changed the German coach of the already spectacular and sporty image S5 . Senner Tuning has just placing an redesigned grille front allow entry of more air to cool the powerful V6 and a new framework for fog lights.

window frames change its original aluminum finish on the other in black to match the tone selected for bodywork, exhausts are new and strange adaptation is complete with game Elegant tire model TS-7 with 20 inch diameter and a design that includes six double spokes.


Where Senner has taken the rest is in the mechanical part. Under the hood hides now 445 hp instead of 333 hp that was able to deliver standard TFSI V6 engine three liters displacement mounted Audi in S5 .

For this, the specialist has taken a new output system sports gases made of stainless steel, has reprogrammed control unit to the engine (ECU) and have replaced the original air filter with a much more capable.


Moreover Audi S5 Sportback retouched after Senner fitted an adjustable suspension height (able to lower the height of the S5 in 35 or 45 mm) developed by Blistein specialist.


The image of German sports gains in strength and sportsmanship thanks the black color of the body, reduction in height and wheel design, but keeping the original elegant and dynamic lines. The good start when you step on the accelerator.

Images Senner TUNIG.

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