Sensitive care: 100% Norauto tuning for poor brand new BMW M4

He never would . Apparently, an American teenager has decided it’s a good idea personalize your BMW M4 brand new like that. Imagine that you buy – or you buy – A BMW M4 . I would take care of more than one child, and keep it spotless as long as I could. Of course, not practice this high performance machine aesthetic that makes me want to attack the American copyright law remove the possibility of modifying them. This tuning is 100% Norauto, you are warned.

This poor BMW M4 will be used for the circuit, according to its owner, a US teenager 19.

The car seems to have left the dealership with a matte blue. It is an optional color, but it could have been a vinyl applied to the body of the car series. In any case, forms a nice contrast with black rims 18 inches series BMW M4 . The problem is when you paint with orange spray the underside of the car. I think that is a vinyl and has not been applied spray paint on paint factory dearest – a tone Yas Marina Blue – a BMW M4


m4-plastidip-2 That’s what I thought until I saw that several of the wheels have in your tire remains of orange paint. Yes, I think this kid has caught a can of orange paint – or an orange plastidip – and has spent an afternoon coloring his M4 . Wow, I thought the phase coloring and painting – in amateur plan – ended at the school. But I flatly wrong. I still want to think that the body of the M4 wearing a blue vinyl and is not painting factory, or that the spray is a plastidip which can be removed. It is the only thing that consoles me and allow me to sleep tonight.

God definitely gives food to those who have no teeth. If this aesthetic crime off the M4 receives on its tailgate spoiler decent bar counter – whose aesthetic does not suit the M4 or glue – and a sticker on the back window I’m glad unable to read. Of course, these changes affect the resale value, and I am sorry prejudices, but believe me “good treatment and always in garage” publish the owner at the time if the car in this manner in the photos.

God gives food to those who have no teeth, I repeat.

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