Sergey Karyakin threatens to appeal the Dakar 2016


it Has been a week since the end of the Dakar 2016 and the victory of St├ęphane Peterhansel appealed by X-Raid based on an alleged re-fuelling illegal might not be the only result pending of resolution. Russian Sergey Karyakin is considering to appeal the classification of quads so that means bad praxis of the new team organization of the test. After expressing great displeasure with how the team formed by the ASO throughout the year, the Russian pilot is collecting the necessary documentation to proceed with a claim, always and when it is relevant.

Sergey Karyakin was facing his third participation in the Dakar at the controls of a Yamaha Raptor 700 managed by the team Airon Racing Team. Despite having won a stage in the Dakar 2014, the Russian pilot was not in the community to fight for the top positions. However, the regularly used throughout the Dakar earned him with options to get to the last stage to fight for the podium with the south african Brian Baragwanath. In the short special stage which closed the test, the own Baragwanath took the third step of the podium by two and a half minutes.


Recelando of the rhythm manifested by Brian Baragwanath in the last stage, in which the south african he endorsed eight minutes to his nearest rival with an average speed that Karyakin understood as unaffordable, the main complaint of the Russian pilot is for the organizational team of the ASO: “The organising team have changed this year. Race direction did not end well with the team earlier, so he brought in new people who had no idea of what they were doing. I was in the first places, but I received a time penalty of 30 minutes for some of the first special, but we were already in the second week”.

In this line, Sergey Karyakin explains: “Changed my result of a special a week later and not explained to us the reason. I want to solve this, collect all the necessary documentation to see if there is a foundation. We order time cards, but the organizers say they do not find them”. Karyakin is clear and very direct: “I don’t know how to explain it, but clearly there is a prejudice on my person, although I don’t know the reason. Have done everything to get me riled up, as this penalty meaningless. I Also stopped at a special and they asked me to replace my Iritrack”.