Sergio Marchionne dixit: “there will be No Ferrari V12 supercharged”


Ferrari 812 Superfast.

the head of The Group FCA, Sergio Marchionne, is probably the CEO more headlines and front covers has starred throughout the global automotive industry in recent years. The reason?, not silent nor under the water.

If just a few days ago launched a deliberately subtle reproaches to one of the models of the firm of Maranello, the Ferrari California, now has not hesitated a second in reveal the future of part of the range mechanics of the brand of Maranello for the next few years. Stating that the future models V12 will not be overfeeding, but with hybrid systems.

The reason alleged by Marchionne is that once consulted the responsible of the program of engines of Ferrari, he answered that it would be a madness.


The V12 engine of 6.5 liters of the 812 Superfast.

Marchionne further stated that Ferrari will always have a V12 engine maximum power, which means that the successor to the current 812 Superfast will continue to rely on kw. Contrary to how we thought all the media, that we considered the 812 as the latest model V12 maximum power of the brand.

, The solution would be, according to the own statements of the CEO of FCA by the hybrid systems, that not only will serve to reduce consumption and emissions, as we can see by the outcome of the current LaFerrari. This has a V12 maximum power of 800 HP associated with a set of electric which adds another 163 HP.

“The goal of having hybrid and electric cars as these is not by the traditional objective that most people have. We are not trying to accomplish two objectives. We’re really trying to improve the performance on the track “ Sergio Marchionne.


The latest V12 of the brand.

These are good news for the more purists, as a Ferrari without
their sign of identity that is most representative would be less attractive,
both for customers and for mere amateurs. In terms of the
term temporary, the always astute Marchionne has not revealed anything, their
statements were fair and necessary for obetenr the holder,
without revealing anything more.