Sergio Marchionne gave the Red Bull Ferrari engines


Sergio Marchionne did not lose the opportunity to offer Ferrari engines to the team Red Bull within the framework of the bad relationship that Austrians are having your supplier Renault.


Red-Bull-F1-Monaco R ed Bull is building a stir this season on their already more than clear differences with Renault . It is that while everything was a bed of roses with a string of championships won, there was no problem, but since the changes to the technical regulations included the new turbo engines relationship has gradually deteriorated .

Red Bull Ferrari engines could mount if they agree.

This is the situation that even Ferrari was interested and in this context the President Sergio Marchionne , confirmed under the Austrian Grand Prix , who are willing to be who furnishes the engines if they manage to reach an agreement.

Marchionne said to have great respect for Red Bull, considering everything they have done for Formula 1. It was convinced they could find their way back, noting that would be delighted to help you get ahead .

In return, although flattered from Red Bull, Christian Horner took care to emphasize that they still have a valid contract with Renault for next year, but at the same time pointed out that Red Bull was customer Ferrari for eight years with Scuderia Toro Rosso , so there is a long history between the two companies.

But although the Austrian team and the French house have sealed contract valid until 2017 , it seems unlikely that it is respected to the end. Red Bull threatening to disband the team, while Renault flirts with his return with own team, so for now option seems quite distant Ferrari .

But of course Marchionne could not pass up the opportunity to try to sell one of its products.





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