Sergio Marchionne, the opposite of a limit budget: “I don’t think that would work”


just a week Ago, Liberty Media received the green light to take control of the Formula 1, but this organization takes a long time evaluating potential changes to improve the health of the category. According to a report in the british newspaper The Telegraph, published five days ago, one of those changes would be try to control the amount of money spent by the teams through a budget ceiling.

This newspaper quoted a source anonymous of Liberty that said that “it makes no sense to have teams spending close to $ 400 million. That money is not doing anything good for the fans, simply be wasted in competing technologically. This has not been driven by logic, and has created a society of two classes. The small teams should have a chance of winning”.

In the past, various proposals to contain expenditure or to establish a budget ceiling have faced stiff opposition on the part of the factory equipment, in particular Ferrari, the team most directly confronted the idea of having a maximum on what you spend. In these lines has been expressed Sergio Marchionne, president of the Scuderia, claiming that all the measures implemented to contain spending, what he calls “interventions,” have not taken the desired effect.

“The interventions that has been, until now, from the limitations on the cost of the power units until the reduction of hours in the wind tunnel, have been completely ineffective. The reality is that Formula 1 is a sport extremely expensive. There are teams of factory of Renault and Mercedes, large companies can concentrate on the development of a wider, and this is very dangerous for the running costs”.

Marchionne recognizes that they should work to keep costs within an acceptable range, but says that “much depends on us and how we adapt to these demands, and I do not think that a limit budget to work. It also predicts that restrict changes in certain areas of the car does not contain the spending, if not a changing of site: “The problem is that, with the restrictions, you’ll end up working in areas that are very limited to make the car competitive. That is the problem of always to all those who try to impose limits on the development of a car: if left in open areas, the spending is concentrated in those areas. Simply, we have redistributed our expense”.

Without going further, and according to Marchionne, none of the measures employed, these years have served to them, have reduced the amount of money that is used to the Formula 1: “When I look at old reports of what we have spent in the last 10 years, and even more behind, I gather that Ferrari has never been laid back when it comes to spending. By checking the last four or five years, we have not saved a single euro. Despite all the interventions of the FIA to try and limit spending, they have found other ways to spend. If the budget is used well or badly, I don’t know. In principle, it is very noble, but in practice, it never gives the required results”.